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Published in Bulgaria - First steps in eDominacy - 28 Mar 2024 03:03 - 12

Hello to all giving a chance to this new adventure!

At least for now it seems that our community is starting one step ahead of others with organization and most importantly on the battlefields. 

We want to share that we will not focus of wiping and destroying any community. We are aiming only inactive countries with 0 citizens so we can farm gold from fighting medals. If we made any mistake and attacked actually active country please contact me as soon as possible. We are doing this for the sake of the game so everyone can enjoy peaceful development in the first stages of the game and we would like to ask others active communities to follow our example in this one. 

Wishing you all the best and good luck!


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I appreciate the positive strides
Gamw th mana sou
who cares
A worthy deed, I'm glad you are our president!
Hey everyone, I will send you a summary of everything discussed next week. I have managed to find a tool to promote YouTube videos and it works quite well with 10 EUR. So I would suggest we "invest" into that and not to TikTok. I will send you a list of the videos that need improvement. Wishing everyone a lovely end of the week! Was great seeing you!
Who asked?
Well done.
Free Argentina!
Delete Mexico