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What a game wow... look at JanGo look at Varo look at the rest of the visas.... i didn't think the payer vs non payer game would turn out like this.... and yet i think i'm one of the few who have so much success in the game (look  my medals).  I like the game a lot but I don't think I will ever be able to catch up with the payers...nothing against the payers but the game is unbalanced from the start...neither now nor in the future will I be able to develop to the point where  level with the others.  Compared to some players I do 300k normal attack damage others hit 2-3-4 million damage per normal hit.  I feel that after a while I will just enter the game to work my companies and train and nothing more and I won't even be able to fully help my country.  I am glad that I am Bulgarian and for the moment I manage to help the country, but there will come a time when I will not be able to do anything for the country.  The rest of the players from Bulgaria manage to do everything they can to keep the bonuses that Bulgaria has at the moment and I appreciate that very much because without them I probably wouldn't be playing this game anymore!  I have nothing against JanGo, Varo, Grandpa and the other paying players but the game has changed drastically since day one.  Right now I'm barely barely trying for days to sell Q1,Q2 and Q3 houses while other players have been selling house packs since the 5th day of the game.  I took a loan to do my training until Q4, I still have a lot until I do it Q5 and I don't even know how I will pay back the loan I took from the state.  I'm no I HOPE THIS MESSAGE REACHES MORE PLAYERS AND MOSTLY THE ADMINS!  I wish everyone a pleasant game! t the only one who thinks this, but I think I'm one of the few who can write such a message!  ..... 




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Im in the same situation
Thanks you guys for the comments! I think this will be the game and never change Smile
+1 I totally agree with everything you wrote. Unfortunately, this is the reality and it will never change.
Yes the military and the economic gap is too big between the two categories of players.
Yeah gap is too big. Sadly we gotta learn to deal with it
Introducing TGs this early was a disastrous decision u need over 2k+ gold to upgrade all of them to q5, imagine that?
eslam2 yes I know ...
pero esta claro que el plan de Bulgaria es hacer morir el game más rápido de lo esperado
you are either rich in companies, or rich in strenght. if you are both, you overpayed. if you are neither, you split your efforts and fucked yourself VISA Paradise
You're definitely not the only one who thinks this way. Full TGs, unlimited gold and pack buying from the start made the game what it is today. Quest season event was a light in the dark as far as the progress concerns for a non visa players, even tho getting strength in the event is also a bad move since new players will stay even further behind. Hopefully admin will compensate that for them.
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