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Shayan - Newspaper from Iran -

Published in Iran - Social interactions and entertainment - 31 Mar 2024 17:28 - 8

Dear Nations of eDominacy,

In our culture, from ancient ages, Persians have been always known for being hospitable and welcoming to all other nations.

Nothing is changed here. Same culture applies!

We want to openly announce that we are open for accepting immigrants to eIran, and also we want to have great relationship with other nations.

Our first objective, like any other country here is to create a prosperous community and country that we can all have maximum fun playing in together. And we believe that is achievable through respectful relations, negotiations and cooperations with other respective countries.

That doesn’t mean power or force doesn’t have a place in the game.

But we use it only when we absolutely need to use it… other than that, why lean on power when we can have respectful relationships.

Please, if you want to immigrate to Iran, or if you are looking to have new allies, don’t hesitate to message me, or other cabinet members.

Your Truly,
Shayan, President of Iran.


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We Iranians are always hospitable But if we have an enemy, as long as this game exists, it will be our enemy. Hail Iran O7
Allllaaaaaah o Akbaaaar 💥💣👳🏽‍♂️📿
Good luck o7
Yazideto mirza xD