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Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 06 May 2024 03:43 - 12

hello my huns,

today, we are together here to read the fresh, hot, unbelievable, leaked imaginary interview of a random crying cat, with himself.

dont lemme waste your time more, straight to the interview.

what is your name? how do people know you?

I m quite well known and dont need introduction, but since you asked, I m a random crying cat ageless and famous. 

what do you love the most in your life?


what do you hate the most in your e_life?


what do you spam the most about in your e_life?


do you love cats and why?

yes, cause, I can squeeze them.

do they give love back to you too?

yes, but I rarely see any of them, to show my love to, since they tend to fade away from sight recently.

how do you feel when you lose?

I feel like spamming.

do you have an advise to your readers?

never spam, never insult other players and accept your defeat, like I do.

thank you for your time provided to this interview


in the end, these are all just a joke my friends. I do have a really high opinion of the random crying cat and he has a special place in my heart.  Laugh

as a proof, I can say that even though I m in a really difficult situation in my real life, but I allocated my time to write this article.

definitely not a funny writer



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Such an amazing interview, im impressed
Kaveh my hate my love my everything beutiful interview :3
https://www.edominacy.com/en/article/1283Comments (1) :tada: elhichko 06 May 2024 00:10:beers: [report e]Achievement 'Theater rookie' gained.[/report] :flag_bg: Article 10 subs needed, leave in comment, random will get 3 gold!:partying_face:
Elhichko is angry
nice inter view
Булевард Витоша, ако не беше Столична община
Wtf did i just read Laugh
lol I love random cats too but don't say it as it will encourage elhichko Smile