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A week ago the french ex-MOD Tikaz attacked Switzerland. A direct battle against 9 of the strongest countries could not be won. Later Swiss was forced to raise a RW to liberate its region. The french CP doesnt want to refund the RW becasue he puts all blame on his ex-MOD that he kicked from gov.

Whatever be the case the end result is clear, Switzerland needs to be compensated 10 gold.

I would like to thank again the french CP Dirtyman for his cooperation throughout the first month of the game. As CP of Swiss i have asked the ex-MOD Tikaz twice for compensation and hes ignoring me.

We the Swiss people are not beggars, and even less we are not "toys" for greater powers to come and force TWs on us.

Our honor will not be sullied. We refuse to play by these rules and thus we permanently quit the game.

Rejoice bulgarians, the mosquitoes will leave Laugh


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You leaving because of 10 Gold? Hillarious!
honor has no price in gold, maybe your alliance doesnt know its worth. Now adios game o7
Good bye man.
Adios o7
See yah o7