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Published in Ireland - Financial analysis - 06 May 2024 15:29 - 12

Hi all,

Last analysis in day 30 we reviewed top 40 countries in active citizens parameter.
As we've seen that isn't something we can count on, so we focused on taxes.

today we will start reviewing top ranked 20 countries in taxes from last time.

Since I have less time unfortunately I've decided to show you changes from last article: with more accurate data so you can deduct your own insights.

So Let's start with changes in active citizens:

Avg Taxes in last 6 days:

Taxes per Active Citizen(TAC):

As North Macedonia and Finland are in to bottom of all charts, so next we will drop them next time.

I'll keep a 15-20 countries checked, so we have now 2 spots open Smile

think your country is allegeable to be in top 20? post your comment.

Hope you enjoyed reading "economic Pulse",
Best place to update on current economical trends.


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Dude 12th spot on evey criteria 😅
hail germany !
Good job! Thanks for infos
Looking on this Serbia is the best country. We grow up on every step o7