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Hello friends how are you today...
Let each of us tell an interesting story about him, something that made a huge impression on him, something that he will remember for a lifetime. Also you can tell any experience you had be it bad or good it doesn't matter let's all have fun or learn from some situations....
For example, when I was little my mother and father took me to a zoo and like any normal child I enjoy animals but of course there are bears in every zoo and I tried to be a trickster and went to the cage with bears LaughI wanted to caress the bear, thinking it was a dog, but I was still small and did not understand well that I was seen in time ... today I might
not be writing this message to you if I had petted the "dog" Laugh .....
So friends it's your turn tell something about yourself below in the comments don't forget to write which "s" + "v" number you are...

That way I will be able to pick one winner to win 5 gold and post it in my next article!
Wish a good day for all players! <3



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In 2016 PFC Litex Lovech changed their name to CSKA-SOFIA - this made huge impression on many people, that they will never forget
once upon a time there was a country called albania, there were players in it who made crazy money for the game, finally they started losing battles to a country with a population of one person
Hail australia
(1) elhichko 07 May 2024 00:04 https://www.edominacy.com/en/article/1306 5! more subs needed mates and foes! Laugh leave in a comment, and random will get 3 gold as a reward! Your comment
съб+вот, не участвам за награда. Ще разкажа нещо забавно, което ми се случи тази година в един от големите вериги супермаркети. Чакайки ред на опашката пред касата някъде встрани от мен се чу писклив глас --- Минети на първа каса! Минети, моля!
Велев изкърти, миФкити Wink аз имам ТОЛКОВА много изтории, последната, снощи, пазих стадиона на цска по заместване, дойдоха таралежчета, котки, пияници, и нито един футболист дейва тая кррива нива! Smile
S20, sub me back please