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Dear traitors, 

Sometimes doesn’t matter anything, but loyality in hard times. Did you fall for few golds or did you runaway when it gets hard? Did you sell us for few regions promised by “world’s ruler”? Doesn’t matter either, I will not waste my words on you, you know who you are. Nothing. We don’t need players like you or alliances like you. You are going to feel our anger, soon.  
Shame on you. 

And my dear eBosnia, 

I love you guys. You did show your bravery, authenticity and indomitable spirit. Yeah, we felt injustice in many ways from beginning, but still we are together and active. “All for one, one for all”, that's our motto and that’s why we are strange to others, but with that way we are going to be permanent, as a country and as a community. 

We are working hard to make new steps for future, soon is coming update for that. Some of new updates is that we left EDEN. 

With love, 

MoFa of Bosnia 🇧🇦👩‍💼


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What alliance? U mean EDEN?
EDEN is our past.
who betrayed what?
Good luck Bosnia! ❤
Hail Bosna ⚜️ Hail Hercegovina ⚜️