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Dear Players,

Let's spice up this lazy Friday evening with some exciting news to brighten your day, folks!!!! So, kick back, relax, and let the good times roll!

League Wars: Battle for the Crown

League Wars: Battle for the Crown, is back with us. This thrilling competition will see countries from around the globe competing in intense battles, with the ultimate goal of winning the prestigious crown.
This time we have made some changes regarding your feedback.

How It Works:

  • Direct Elimination Format: Each country will face off in direct elimination battles.

  • Battle Schedule: Battles start at 11:00 game time , consisting of 10-minute rounds, until one of the sides wins 8 rounds. The next bracket starts the next day at the same time.

  • Duration: The tournament will start at Monday 13.05.2024, the final showdown for the crown will be at Sunday.

  • Progression: Winners advance in the bracket. Participation in the battles for your country counts towards True Patriot progress. In the League Wars battles, the Round Hero medal will be worth 2.5 Gold.

  • Rewards: Victorious countries and top players will receive gold mines and other valuable rewards at the end of the tournament.

Rewards for Winners:
Countries that showcase superior strategy and strength will earn a gold mine for their citizens, with the duration based on their final position based on inflicted damage in the tournament:

  • 1st place - 7 days of Gold Mine

  • 2nd place - 6 days of Gold Mine

  • 3rd place - 5 days of Gold Mine

  • 4th to 10th place - 3 days of Gold Mine

What is a Gold Mine? Each day, every citizen of the country will be able to receive a random gold reward from the Mine.
NOTE: The winner of the final war in the tournament will have doubled days for gold mine. It means if you won 3rd place your country will have 10 days of Gold Mine.

Quests Season

The Quests Season event awaits, offering a simple yet engaging challenge: completing missions across three distinct time periods. The event starts on 20.05.2024, and ends on 09.06.2024, this adventure boasts a total of 44 prizes, with the first one being free. To claim each prize, you must earn 1000 Stars.

Upon accessing the Quest Season tab, you'll encounter 8 quests divided into 3 sections:

One-Day Quests - 4 quests, each requiring 400 stars, spanning a duration of 24 hours.
Three-Day Quests - 2 quests, demanding 600 stars, duration of 72 hours.
Weekly Quests - 2 quests, commanding 1200 stars, duration of 168 hours.

Upon completing a quest, you'll await the expiration of a lease time on a timer before embarking on the next challenge. Quests will manifest randomly, and failure to solve a quest within the specified timeframe will prompt the arrival of a new one. Each quest is achievable within its designated period.
For those seeking additional rewards, a separate section is available for purchase. Acquiring one of our tickets grants access to extra rewards. Every participant can claim rewards until the event's culmination. With the event spanning 21 days, a timer will assist in tracking time. Please note that there will be no extensions, so ensure you collect all prizes punctually.

IMPORTANT: Kindly claim rewards promptly, as events will not be unlocked once they expire.
NOTE: Rewards are slightly changed from first event, removed attributes as rewards.


- To assist new players with less than 1000 Strength/Intelligence, we've unlocked an additional Training Ground. This facility will grant you 25 Strength/Intelligence per day.

- EPIC battle counter is changed to 10 billion, as the initial calculation was incorrect. Subsequent EPIC battles will require 10% more damage than the previous one. We've opted to measure this in damage, as it encourages players to utilize weapons without impacting their economies. In previous events where the number of hits was the requirement, over 30% of players fought without weapons.

- Starting this Saturday, the Round Hero medal will now provide you with 2 Gold instead of 1 Gold. This adjustment reflects a response to player feedback, although personally, I may not entirely agree with it. However, we are committed to evolving our approach to gold income in the future to better align with player preferences. We hope this change meets your desires and needs. Note that we can not provide you golds for previous one medals.

- For each law, you can see who voted for it. It is a list under a law with nicknames.

- Players which are banned are removed from your friends list, this is not executable before this feature. So it is for future ones.

- Players under level 30 are not eligible to play Lucky Wheel

We can hear you

Here we will drop some reviewers on your most common proposals.

- Weekly Challenge: Top Battle Damage. We placed damage there, why is that? It is really simple; earlier, we could see players chase it without consuming weapons, and demands for weapons decreased a lot. So our decision is to have it on the Damage counter.

- Increasing Missile damage: we do not agree with this one. By statistics, only buyers have missile improvement at maximum, and this will only benefit big buyers, making the gap bigger than now.

- Selling Work Tokens in Store: this is also a NO. I understand that you would like to have all companies full, but buying worker tokens will only undervalue players.

- Enabling Hyper Bars to be stocked from Strategic Building is also a NO. This is a game breaker in all kinds. We made it as temporary Hyper Bars so players can produce and get one daily to fight. If we make it stock, it would destroy any stats in the game and any logical way to make it go forward.

Your feedback

Please do provide us your feedback on next two things.

- Round system: We love it, and the numbers show that you love it too. Most of your comments indicate a fondness for this style of play. It's understandable since it requires being online frequently, which opens up space for tactics. Help us explore the other side of this; share your thoughts on what more we could introduce. Perhaps more rounds, or extending the time for each round? Or should we simply maintain it as it is?

- Resistance damage: Currently, we lack mechanisms to aid players in liberating their regions from aggressors. Our maneuverability within this system is limited. We cannot initiate battles with a difference in round wins; imagine if it were 7vs8. That would mean starting a resistance with the possibility to play only one round. Additionally, we disagree with penalty damage; we won't reduce player damage here. We welcome any alternative perspectives or suggestions you may have.

- We are eager to hear your opinions on any fresh new event ideas or concepts we can develop. The rewards are splendid, as everyone knows. Smile

Ladies and gentlemen, last but not less important. Our approach remains grounded in impartial analysis, devoid of subjective biases or geopolitical considerations. Leveraging data-driven insights and predictive modeling based on your historical interactions, our aim is to enhance the overall gaming experience and foster a more competitive environment. We remain agnostic to national allegiances, military prowess, or strategic alliances; our focus squarely rests on the numerical metrics delineated across various player segments.
It's important to underscore that while we understand the potential for frustration or dissatisfaction, our commitment lies in delivering an equitable and engaging platform for all participants. As such, our endeavors are geared towards enhancing marketability and accessibility, thereby ensuring a vibrant and dynamic gaming community.
Furthermore, it's imperative to clarify our stance on direct interference within the game dynamics. We unequivocally assert a position of non-intervention; requests for such actions will be met with a firm and resolute refusal. Our objective is to maintain a level playing field and uphold the integrity of the gaming environment.
So, as we embark on this journey together, let's embrace the spirit of fair play, camaraderie, and healthy competition. Your continued support and participation are integral to the success of our collective endeavor.

Best regards,
eDominacy Team


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