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Published in Bulgaria - Political debates and analysis - 18 May 2024 12:48 - 24

Many of you were fooled by his name, impersonating an old man, calling himself Grandpa, but after meticulous research, we have found clues that he might actually be the legendary Houdini.
Legend says he's appearing in every new multi account MU's and doing shady business, then vanishes without a trace from public sight.
Except..until today.


We have finally caught him in action with pure luck, as after 2 second upon refresh, he was gone.
This is the suspected account and and this is the MU+Org he created. In minutes, he leveled up to 25, created a MU and ORG only to be joined by Houdini to do his magic tricks.

You thought this was all? No, not by far, the legendary Houdini still have an ace on his sleeves. You might have seen him continously fighting in battles with his imense hits of 8M each. But how can the magician afford so many RPG's or how does he even get those impossible numbers?
That, my friends, it's a mistery i have no answer for.

Let's try to break this magic trick:
Looking at the most recent API reports, his damage potential is 3.875.000 with Q5 Weapons(5.812.500 with Booster q5) and 5.425.000 with RPG (8.137.500 with booster q5)

Moving forward, let's take a look at his hits and damage dealt this week.

He dealt 286.407 Hits and Damage in the last week.
As damage grow progressively with each day from Training, level boost and rank boost, we can only assume hits were weaker 7 days ago than they are now, and if we take an average number of 7.4M for each hit he dealt and we do the math:
286.407 Hits * 7.4M = Damage

Pretty close to the real number, isn't it? that assuming he never fought empty handed. The few hundreds millions difference can be explained by using Q5 weapons sometimes. (5M - 5.8M per hit)

You think that i'm exaggerating? Let's check the League also:

129.780 Hits * 8M = 10.382.400.000 . Pretty close to the numbers in the image, right? This can only be explained by using RPG's almost continously. How can someone have over 100k RPG's for only one battle this early in the game, ignoring all the RPG's he used by now?

ps: Make sure you also read Black Balls article exponsing multi abuse in their main MU/ORG

I will continue to update the article with links of all the suspicious ORG's i find in game which could be linked to Houdini


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Justice for all real players that abide by the rules! Great investigative work and top journalism from you o7
@grandpa, we all wondered how you find so many RPGs, can you give explanation?
Well, well, well...
fishy fishy fishy
we want VAR to check Laugh
Albanian cheaters - the talk about honor, bla bla, its all bs
brother deleted his comment lol
The Biggest Romanian Fighter and Player- Mr Grandpa. Man, Romania was so lucky that u had him in a romanian MU 🥺
@Guatemala only for a few seconds tho Laugh
Are you saying you can get more RPG rewards with using new MUs?!
Nice Photoshop
How to transfer RPGs between accounts? If there are such tricks, there is a great injustice to all players. These should be checked by the admin.
@Shayan, it's a bug on war stash, he bypassed cooldown with ORG. @Gustavus, like i'd waste my time with that for nothing.
You want to tell me our grandpa is a tech expert? Cmon
@eslam2, ask him, i don't think he's the one who found out about this, but he used it the most, others from Albania did too.
Oh well well well how the turntables even with cheating and exploiting the game you couldn't win against us. What a shame. What next on the list.. buy the game itself? XD Lack of brain cells is disturbing.
"Its a bug on war stash" do you really know what a bug is or you use it because people like that word. You can complain to the previous administration that allowed orgs to receive War stash and send items that should be locked like nukes rpgs bars. Other than that don't call it a bug because it was a game feature. The only thing you can say is ,who made those accs and since they seem to be multies atleast 8 out of 12-13 accs ,why the person who made them isn't banned. Even admin told you it's not a bug and it was a feature of the game up to yesterday ,correct or wrong is a different discussion ,but don't use nice words that people like ,to pass your message smooches
He calls it a game feature. LMAO.
Well it is actually ,you can google the meaning if you dont get it. But since the game gave the option without bypassing something or glitching it ,it is a game feature. Multies arent though
Living in your own imaginary world is okay, patalos, i dont expect any objectivity from you.
Whether he did so or not, i don't think that the admins will ban someone who is spending money on their game at that high rate. There's no consequence for VISA sadly. Friendly or foe. (Nothing against Grandpa)
Using an oversight/omission is, in fact, exploiting said omission. Should Grandpa be punished for it ? It's all up to the admin. I don't think he should be, it's the admins fault after all. Calling it a "game feature" is pure coping Patalos tho