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The current state of the game is overwhelmingly against the free to play players, and that's just sad because at least 90% of players are free to play.
Nobody wants to see them being driven away, so i'd like to give my honest opinion about the key issues that f2p players are facing and the terrible mistakes done at the launch of the game. Hopefully this will spark a debate, which i hope will be benefical for the game, so please, feel free to write your opinion in the comments.

1. Training grounds unlocked on the first day
Training grounds, 4 in total, available to upgrade from the first day it's a mistake.
Boot Camp (630g)+ Advanced Trainig (640g) + Military Academy (630g) + Advanced Academy (640g).
A total of 2540 gold needed to upgrade all TG's. Few players bought enough gold to upgrade them from day 1 which will put the difference between p2w and f2p players on the spotlight in rankings (and later on the battlefield).
F2P players won't be even close to upgrade them to max for many months.

*Upgrades should have been locked on day 1 and unlocked gradually as the game progressed and most players could afford to keep up with everyone.

2. Packs(Nukes) in store from Day 1
Packs(2) in the store with 18 nukes cost 20.4 euro, which can deal 900 millions damage, not counting eb and RPG. That's more damage than the whole f2p game population combined can do in a day, and this is no exaggeration. After damage reduction from today the average damage per player is probably between 500k to 1m, which proves my point.

*Nukes and Health Packs(arguably) are end-game items with way too high impact on the battlefield.
-I don't see the need for packs at the start of the game, or at least, add packs with missiles, those have 100-500k damage each, carefully calculate their number in packs so one p2w player can be able to compensate for 10-20 f2p players maximum, beyond that it's extremely unfair.

3. Discount on Companies for 5 days.
I don't think i even need to highlight this issue. The only beneficiary is the pay2win player. Only they can get enough gold to really benefit from the discount. Everyone else can do what, get a second q3 food company at best?

4. Limited ways to get gold
Looking at the top player by true patriot damage, JanGo got 144 True Patriot Medals with 12.2 Billions Damage.
Achieving that damage amount in the near future is only a dream for the average player. Even worse, if we do the math, 144 medals * 5 gold = 720 gold, which even in the most optimistic scenarios, even if we all reach it, can barely cover for only one training ground upgrade, excluding the costs for food and weapons used to achieve those numbers

*True Ally/Revolutionary medals are needed, maybe damage requirements per medal lowered or new ways to get gold or events added.



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Quite comprehensive article, spot on the main issues. Lets hope its taken care.
As a visa player, I totally agree with you. There should be a balance so more players can enjoy this game. This biggest mistake was the training centres as you've mentioned it. Also, the gold is really hard to make it, I must admit!! If each level was unlocked once a month, I think that would be very beneficial as the gap would not be big. Admins must start thinking about closing the gap in the recent future!!! Smile
sadly its irreversible now
Training grounds aviable at day 1 was a huge mistake.
True words
Agree admin you need to be a bit fair for every players
As a part visa player i agree !
Erep, erev1/2 and all the others have always been pay to win games. Perhaps to a greater or lesser extent, for example I left Erep and erev since there was a time when I did not have access to pay in foreign currency. That changed and I played again and the payment in Erev2 was unsustainable. Here the truth is I will have spent around €800-1000 to have everything in the first few days. The fields are full, 5 food companies, 2 tank companies and two boat companies at maximum capacity. Not counting all the warstash and monthly packages I bought. Yes, it is a paytowin game
Pay to win, mmmm
Still early , hopefully the needed changes are made ASAP
Also agee with harreki comment !
It's a non issue, there will always be those who will spend to win, happens in every game where it is an option
if gold earning will be easy maybe after 2 years game will be inactive. I think rare golds and resources is good way. maybe edominacy need limit of energy packs. because of f*cking Jango will not 100x normal player.
@Singularity Enigma, i'm not against p2w players, the game needs them, buying gold is a pretty big advantage by itself anyway, i'm against a few nukes dealing more damage than whole countries of f2p players.
differences between f2p and p2w players will always exist and those are needed to be there, they're just not well calculated and the impact on battles is way too much
Omg... No balance?
V+ S I totally agree, many mistakes in the begining of the game, admin wants fast money
Great points
i think this game just wasting your free time chilling not true game. i have ideia too np if pay to win but they should fight each others not fighting nornal plyers i mean ppls should fighting there ranking not very high or very low to be fair and equel game
To compare with erev and erev2, which this game is based, Jango would already have over 700 TP medals with this damage.
estoy totalmente de acuerdo, al inicio metí un par de packs, pensaba comprar más 1 o 2 por mes pero ahora se me quitaron las ganas de comprar es más la de jugar si era el juego enfocado en los visas lo debieron llamar edovisanacy. para que invitar más jugadores al game para encontrarse con este muro tan vertical entre los que pagan y los que no?
Kenapa tidak di bubarkan saaja game copy paste ini
I agree with everything. The game is absolutely P2W. Unfortunately, some processes are irreversible.
I fully agree. And on top of all these issues, the reduction of the damage made without weapons is making gold from tp medals even harder to gain because I believe most f2p players don't have enough weapons to fight with.
Very good
i completely agree with the analysis. if they continue on this path, the game is headed towards imminent failure. many similar games hace emerged, and far from avoiding these mistakes, they've been very greedy from day one and lasted very little, some a few months more than others, but ultimately, they've all had to close down. another mistake is starting wars from day one without giving countries time to organize and forme their governments and troops. i currently advise against spending money because i don't see much future in it, and it s just money wasted
It is a cheap copy of eR, with the addition of collection, at least in eR you can play decently without being a paying player
completely agree. it is not impossible to return the pack and reset the game from zero. imho, the pack should only contain gold and energy
act fast admin or we rip
True Ally/Revolutionary medals are needed, s 37 + v 70 o7 Juicio y Misericordia / Judgment and Mercy
In this game we have unbalanced everything
I hope the game management team will extend the deadline to upgrade the 50% discount, for me the discount has disappeared and many people like me could not use this discount properly because gold is hard to get and the deadline was very limited...
Admin dont want Gold in game cause they want players to buy it on store. That is answer why is small amount of Gold in game