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Hello everyone .

Today we get 1st event where we can buy a Gold Ticket for 17.9 euro .
Everybody say that its not worth that money .

Let's we see what we get for that money from
Gold Ticket .

  • we get 270g what is worth more than 17.8 euro

  • 180 workers token .

  • 325 Energy Bars .

  • 6500 RPG .

  • 7 Huper Bars .

  • 6 Gems .

  • 5 Nukes

  • 1 q4 Damage Booster

  • 1 Power Pack q5 

  • Bussines center for 5 days

  • 1 q5 Damage Booster 

I counted only golds from store prices . you will spend only for golds same amount of euros how much you paid for Gold Ticket.

Personali i think its not expensive , if you look what you get for that money .

Best Regards.
Lucious Lyon


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Small burger - 6 euro Average burger - 8 euro Big burger - 9 euro IYKYK Smile
maybe you are right! But you don't get this items. You need to do all day quest. If you can't do quest, don't get items..
@fudalam you are right , but you do all quests for free rewards right ? you dont have additional quests .
I just had an amazing lunch for less than 9 euro. I was very disappointed that the golden ticket wasn't free this time. Either you're a visa player or you don't get to have fun, even the events are unbalanced
I have no problem spending on game, but due to whats going on on first server and issues there over years, i chose not to. But is it expesnive or not, well that much money can buy you full game thats 2-3 years old and not just DLC. On top of that, that 18e will get you absolutely nowhere in comparison to other players, but it might help to person who bought it vs if he didnt. Is it worth it, only individuals can talk about them selfs. For me personalty its not, due to experience with same game on other server, where im also in self imposed protest vs map thats not designed in any reasonable way aka some countries have 10x advantage over others..
You did not calculate how much should we pay for Q1 Guns and other stuff in order to complete that mission…
You are in an expensive store and say to your friend, look how cheap the socks are compared to sneakers Laugh
@shayan i calculated only Gold ticket , not the free rewards.
@Lucious Lyon you are right too. But this is the problem. 21 days a lot I think. You can't calculate all day. sometimes you need to do, what you don't calculate. If you need to let some quest. you can't do all level. so I think a little bit expensive. and Shayan have right. If I don't have 100 navy, I need to buy it, or houses. Or use 35 workers. If you pay for workers 20cc, this is 700cc! 35g. Not so cheap.
17 euros is a week of food in South America
17 Euros is a damn good meal in the USA
17,9 e is 2 packs of ciggaretes, 200gr of coffee, 1 milk and one chocolate, so this isnt expensive at all, btw, use your brain, buy GT at the end when you are sure that you will pass all quests
3.6g weed worth Smile
I don't smoke too... Don't drink coffee Laugh In Other games, in Dota2 Example. was cheapest the level1 battle pass! But whatever. For you not expensive. For me yes. I think this is no problem.
18 euros for a game that looks like will die in 2/3 months is too much. Admin clearly do not care about community.