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Good afternoon, tractor lovers

Today's topic can be concluded from the title of the article, I believe that among you there are many lovers of heavy machines called tractors.
The year is 1891 and people are still working with the help of wonderful creatures called horses, imagine having to be in the field every day in the summer heat and breaking your back, because plowing the land is very difficult.


But on that wonderful morning, the man John Froelich, with a cup of coffee and a Cuban cigar, said... hmm f* horses, let's make a machine that will help the masters of the planet to cultivate the land more easily.

John Froelich (A man who is almost as smart as me) invented the first tractor, The year was 1892. In a very small village in Clayton county of Northeast Iowa, the very first tractor was created by John Froelich. It had yet to be named the tractor, but it was the first successful gasoline engine that could maneuver forwards and backwards; the most rudimentary functions of modern engines.


Tractors have become the foundation of the modern farm—they're used in the field and in the yard for everything from hauling and harvesting to seeding and spraying. The emergence of the tractor has changed the way farms look and operate over the years, as they have increased the farmers ability to maintain more land and produce crops faster and more efficiently than ever.

Today, Claas is known for producing tractors that are compact but as powerful as larger machines. These tractors are also comfortable and easy to use, and they have an engine that packs a punch.

Tractors have been part of the CLAAS product range for the past 15 years. The family has continued to grow during that time. The range now comprises more than 50 models, from 75 hp to 530 hp, leaving no requirement unmet.


The company later became Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD) which went on to acquire FAHR in 1968. This led to the new amalgamation rebranding as Deutz-Fahr. Since then, the brand has established a global reputation for developing innovative tractors that have style.

DEUTZ-FAHR modern tractors with a recognizable name and rich tradition will satisfy your needs in all segments of agricultural production. The range from 40 to 340 HP and rich equipment make DEUTZ-FAHR tractors the right choice for the agricultural, livestock, fruit-growing and communal segments.



Fendt is known for bringing the latest technological advances to its product range. Farmers also recognize that their machinery is versatile and reasonably priced.

Fendt tractors have stood for quality, reliability and innovation in agriculture for decades. As one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Fendt offers a wide range of tractors that will help you master the challenges of everyday life. Whether seeding, tilling or transporting.



At one time, Massey Ferguson was one factory in Ontario, Canada. The tractor production role of the company began in 1953. The brand is well-known globally and there is great demand for its machines.

The tractors produced by Massey Ferguson have featured in the US military and have also served farmers well over the last seventy years. They are known for their impressive specifications and unique look.

Massey Ferguson is the best-selling brand of agricultural machinery in the world. 



John Deere is one of the biggest names in tractors around the world. The US brand is known for its high level of integrity as well as its commitment to innovation and quality. Popular machines from the company's range include John Deere 5310, John Deere 5050 D, John Deere 3028 EN, and John Deere 5105.

The legacy of John Deere has been in place for many years and continues today. The tractors are hugely popular internationally. No matter the task, John Deere has a tractor to suit your needs.


Depending on the purpose, tractors have significant differences in agriculture and are divided into the following types:
We do not consider army vehicles in our article. While other options are highly required in ag. The agricultural tractor itself is a must for a farm. The main requirements for tractors in agriculture, based on seasonality and size of cultivated areas, are as follows:

The ability to change attachments or trailed equipment quickly;
The ability to work and move at high speeds while maintaining performance with other machines at minimum speeds;
The ability to unify connecting devices;
The possibility to be serviced and repaired in the field.

Industrial tractors are the basic machines in an earthmoving or construction machine. A skidder is a tractor that is usually built on the basis of an agricultural tractor and differs only in the layout, which allows the platform to be placed on the rear of the frame. The cab and the engine of such a tractor are placed in the front, and behind is a platform that serves for forest skidding. The main characteristic that distinguishes the skidder from other types of tractors is the undercarriage with a large supporting area, which reduces the effect of erosion on the forest floor. General-purpose tractors come in a variety of models. There is also a wide range of agricultural implements that can be connected to auxiliary tractors to help carry out many different tough works on the farm. In particular, these are loaders or rear hoes for a much wider range of performances.

The conclusion of the story is, girls love tractors <3



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