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Dear Players,

We're implementing COINS into the game, so we can control in-game buying, and provide the smaller players the option to buy some small packs that could help them in the game..

Coin Currency:
Coins serve as a universal currency within the game, providing players with a convenient means to acquire sought-after items and packs.

Coin Market:
To facilitate the seamless exchange of Coins, we're introducing the Coin Market, a dynamic marketplace where players can buy and sell Coins using the currency of the state. This market serves as a central hub for economic activity, allowing players to engage in transactions with ease.
NOTE: The Player who is placing coins on the market is not visible to other players, he remains anonymous.

Key Features of the Coin Market
The Coin Market is open to every player, providing an equal opportunity to participate in the exchange of Coins. To maintain balance and prevent market manipulation, players can acquire a maximum of 50 Coins per day through the Coin Market. This limit ensures fair distribution and prevents any single entity from monopolizing the market. A 5% tax rate is applied to all transactions conducted within the Coin Market. This tax serves as a means to regulate the economy. The tax rate is automatically deducted from each transaction, contributing to the overall stability and growth of the game world.

The Coin Market introduces a dynamic element to the game's economy, with prices fluctuating based on supply and demand. Players can capitalize on market trends and strategic opportunities to maximize their profits. With the ability to buy and sell Coins, players gain greater control over their in-game resources. It is helpful for small players to buy them and buy packs with them later. Also, this is providing the most important thing which is, pack cooldown buyings inside the game. We are controlling them fully, and the chances to abuse the system is in our hands and can not be abused.

This change also affects gifting to a friend. Now you are gifting a friend a Coin Pack, with which he will be able to buy Packs.

Rookie Pack

We are introducing the Rookie Pack, which is meant for small players so they can grow faster. The price of this pack is equivalent to 5,90. Pack has a Cooldown for 7 days, and only players under 300 Level can buy it. Inside this pack most important stuff will be boosted experience. Also, there will be some items and golds provided daily.
This pack is under construction and it will be in the next few days, we will announce it when we add it in-store.


As we stated, the Rookie Pack is created for players under level 300. This will boost your progress and provide you more efficient experience to catch a big fish. The pack price is as we stated 5,90 so it is a low buy as per players who will need it if they like it, notice that you have a cooldown of 7 days. This pack consists of:
- x3 Experience in Combat
- Gold Mine which provides 5 Gold Daily
- Boosted up Daily Order rewards with temporary items.
The Rookie Pack is activated the same as the Gold Pack or Power Pack. You need to go in your improved buildings and activate it so it can start counting.

If you as a player, during the pack activation go above 300 level, you will lose privilege of gaining Experience in battle but you will receive rest of rewards.

Best regards,
eDominacy Team



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erev or edom ? sedula sta ucini
Some free coins like on erev ?
You made Gold Ticket more expensive
Where find free coin? Lol again need visa
Accepting free coin donations
Hediye isterim
coin market means we can buy coin with gold right?
Admin you just raised the price more, tell me how you can help f2p, if to get coin it is only through visa?
Bad news… if you bring “Equipment” or “Pets” here I’ll stop playing
Люлин да ге... #НадяЙокВечеЕеййй #ЛъчезвяраМи да #любители #чичакаМадаФака и #филмаМи продължава без Илияна дебелана едиотана и #едиотана #къдеЕМараСтара да!? Кой му пука,моят не е! #кус съкс отново оооуууу! #kycSuxAgainEverSince sux once again and ever since, who cares, since mine is not yet!? #failed #fail again '
Amazing, albania cant cheat and exploit the system anymore.
Copy paste
Where can I see how many coins are available in my account?
The only way to get coins is to buy them from Coin Market and Store Shop? Or do you plan to give them to players in medals and events?
Admin give us a tg 50% off sale
VISA players, stand up and be counted. Get your Plastic ready.
Rookie pack, good job
I bought rookie pack, its excellent, it give you more exp points and you get gold mine for 7 days
rookie pack is love, rookie pack is life
Make gold ticket free for players under lvl 300 or lvl 200 so we have some balance in the game because for f2p player to catch big fishes is immposible