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Published in Iran - Social interactions and entertainment - 22 May 2024 10:13 - 7

Admin Congratulations on your new money source. Wish you good luck. Very soon you will run out of players, just keep it up Laugh



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Run out of cheaters you mean? People who can't play the game fair but like to find ways to break it so it happens on their way? Nah.. I am sure I will feel very well without that.
In all honesty the game currently sucks in terms of balance and experience of f2p players. They are NON-EXISTENT. And making communities doesn’t make any sense. This game is based on building communities, and if you don’t get rewarded for building communities then it will be frustrating.
@Black DraGoN Did you call me a cheater? Then understand that you are a newbie in these games and don't know me. You have no right to call me that either.