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Free Coins

Published in Albania - Social interactions and entertainment - 23 May 2024 01:18 - 5


(serious note below)

On a serious note, coins are going to make no difference other than fuel more store purchases by offering the illusion of an obtainable premium currency.

I understand that the game is borderline dead, but squeezing every possible cent out of anyone spending real currency is the opposite of a potential revival, which is ironic given the games age. 

In case they say the currency will offer non visa players more of an opportunity, that is a fallacy and i will go into detail as to why in a long detailed article in the near future. 

In that case, feel free to send free coins my way.
UwU 🥰🥴


Comments (5)

Coins are a good addition, the only falacy here is confusing the profiteering of suppliers for an actual mechanic problem of the coins themselvs.
The profiteering of suppliers is a purposeful design to promote coin purchases.