Deutsche Nationalfabrik

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Deutsche Nationalfabrik - Info & Offer
This is just a project for interactivity & entertainment 


Deutsche Nationalfabrik is a project for interactivity on the game market, my profit being very small but it's just a way to have fun on this game. We are selling only RAW Resources for the moment, in the future maybe weapons, ships, houses. 

(Prices only in CC / Deutsche Market)

We are currently selling: 

Weapons Material
0.026 DEM / UNIT (Under 10k Material)
0.025 DEM / UNIT (Over 10k Material)

For the 0.025 DEM / UNIT please contact me in private if you are interested in buying over 10k.

You can find the materials on the Deutsche Market. The prices can't be negotiated, they are fixed prices and you can buy only with Deutsche CC.

Looking for providers

You are a seller and want to instant sell your RAW materials or food? Contact me and we will find the best offer for best of us. Your benefit? Instant sell and money, without advertising your market offer and without waiting for customers, just click and collect the money. 

Die deutsche Version dieses Artikels ist nicht gültig, wenn man bedenkt, dass 99 % der Spieler Englisch beherrschen.



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Very nice initiative!!!