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Published in Albania - Social interactions and entertainment - 25 May 2024 02:01 - 8

Hello everyone wish you have a fantastic day.
welcome to my article about daily challenge.

I just want to share each boxes rewards with you and hope you find them useful o7.

1st. Box (10)
1 Missile q1

2nd. Box (20)
100 Temporary RPG

3rd. Box (30)
5 energy bars

4th. Box (40)
10 temporary energy bars

5th. Box (50)
10 energy bars

6th. Box (60)
100 RPG

7th. Box (80)
100 RPG

8th. Box (100)
1 temporary booster q3

9th. Box (125)
1 Missile q5

10th. Box (150)

1 temporary hyper bar

Thanks for your attention!
Best regards,


Sir barbod

Comments (8)

s10 s4s
Sina in jayeze chie? :/
@Darush javayez daily challenge hastsh to ghesmat missions ezafe shode be bazi
Well this sucks
rewards are random from the mentioned lists
Thanks Sina. Rewards are random from a group of 5 rewards though. That’s more like your rewards.
So no gold prizes. Don't worth to try