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Published in China - First steps in eDominacy - 02 Apr 2024 04:06 - 15

First of all, I want to say hello to all the players who are reading this!

A new game and a new beginning, certainly a challenge for all of us here. Although we are all old foxes here for games of this type, so I don't worry too much for all of us.

This newspaper will be more for people in China, but of course it can serve everyone outside of China. I will not write too much this time because there is no material to write about yet... Now I will write a few words about the project in China and our alliance!

1. Project China

The project in China is very interesting, of course time will tell. Our main goal is to gather all the players who want to have fun and somehow improve their accounts faster! for now we have 15 players and our number will only increase day by day!

2. Alliance and war!

For now, Cyprus and Greece are our official allies, but we also have a couple of countries with we have friendship, but some things must still remain a secret. So that it will be too difficult for our potential enemies to attack us!  And to any attack on our region without our permission, China will respond within a few hours in the best possible way... There is an agreement for everything, but if there is to be a war, let the game begin! Likewise, we will not allow even one country in our alliance to be erased or humiliated in some other way!

That would be it for this time, the next report will be in a few days


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