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Hello everyone, 

I apologize publicly to every player on the game if they were ever hurt by me. I apologize to the innocent Croatian players for the situation we have. I apologize to my people because of broken heart. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. 14 years of playing is not a little, do regions matter after all? NOT. Does ego matter? NOT. Is friendship and memories important? YES. That's all that matters.

 Manga, as you see, it is not hard to apologize. I publicly call on you to step down from the position of President of Croatia. Let's do it both for the sake of the future of our two countries. We started this, let's finish this without asking who is guilty after all.  I am now ready to leave the government of my country in exchange for peace, are you ready to do the same? I will wait for your answer 24 hours after the publication of the article. 

In the meantime, I will ask all the players of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia not to have further tensions and mention of difficult topics based on the war from the past. For God's sake, do we need it? 

eWorld, I am asking for your support in the comments based on this topic. 

Let’s do spread some positive energy!  

MoFa of Bosnia 


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Im standing behind you on this matter and support you from view point of neutral person.
Vote Lesley
We should never mix ingame and real life
After your DoW I was trying to achive peace, I tried all my best by offering you regions but all you do is ignoring it and acting the way you are. POLITICAL LIFE OF EACH COUNTRY IS IT OWN AFFAIRS, ASKING OR EVEN WORSE REQUESTING TO CHANGE CP IS DIRECT HIT ON SOVERGNITY. It is shame that you still think you have right. I apologized and would apolgize again but you are asking for impossible thing to happen. Good bye, I hope that world will see that you are the one refusing NAP. Real life insults are cheap propaganda and lie as I didn't offended no one bcs he is Bosnian, I just said phrase from cult movie while you are only looking for reason to be mad.
Manga, there is only one question you should answer. ARE YOU FOR PEACE? Then we leave both!
I do want peace but I want to continue playing and will not do impeach bcs of yours wishes! There is game mechanics to do it, and you aren't more important than will of Croatias citizens
Greetings from a Croatian player, we support every move that manga makes, Manga is great CP!
o7 support
Podrška našem CPu. Odakle vam ideja da vi birate Hrvatskoj predsjednika. Manga FTW
Jadan pokusaj utjecanja na Hrvatsku politiku. Jadan onaj sta si daje pravo drugome utjecati te stvari, u rl se zato ratovi pocnu. Hrvatska ZDRUG Manga o7
The people of every country will carry the burden of the choices they make as electors and all the consequences - good and bad.
Vasa vlada bi zbog nesposobnosti prevazici osobne interese zarad drzavnih interesa da se mir postigne trebala dati ostavke
We should never mix ingame and real life
@manga please make article from your story, i want to hear both side
Lol. We can't read only from Lesley's side. BTW, I there a peace in this game???
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