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Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Political debates and analysis - 26 May 2024 10:11 - 22

I am here to announce something really important.

I will start with that I want to express my apologies to Lesley and all of the people of Bosnia for the things I have said and how the whole situation had escalated. Those things were not good and I have acted in emotion. I am sorry and I hope that with time everything will go to its place.

I am standing here in front of everyone to take the responsibility for what I have done and I will step down from the CP position for the time being of the agreement.

The other thing I want to announce is that Croatia and Bosnia had reached an agreement to find peace and end the present war. I will present it below:

Non-Aggression pact between Bosnia and Croatia

1. No Declare War laws will be proposed by and between the undersigned parties Croatia and Bosnia. The exception being for an agreed exchange of regions, recovering of such or similar scenarios with the agreement of both sides of this agreement.
2. Both sides of this agreement will not fight against each other in MPP battles, Proxy Wars and Resistance Wars of each other, unless it is agreed between both parties.
3. Croatia gives up its rights to the colonies in Lithuania and the United Kingdom.
4. Croatia and Serbia will hold prime in dealing with Italian regions while Bosnia leaves Italy
5. Both parties agree that in the event of a dispute, before taking any action in response, they will refer to the guarantors of this Agreement identified below.
6. Croatia will send peace treaty and Bulgaria and Bosnia will take care to lose the current attack.

The preceding agreement shall come into effect immediately upon publication, on date 26th of May, 2024, and remain in effect until date 5th of July, 2024. Both parties will provide their decision on whether to renew this agreement on the date of 6th of July when the new CPs of all sides of this agreement are elected.

Signed by:

CP of Croatia, Manga
CP of Bosnia, Red Eagle
MoFA of Bosnia, Lesley
MoFA of Croatia, mac1990
Guarantor of the agreement on the part of Serbia, BATASHA
Guarantor of the agreement on the part of Bulgaria, danider


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Signed by CP of Croatia, Manga
Potpisao CP eBosne i Hercegovine Red Eagle o7
Signed by minister of desinformation of Bosnia, Kapetan
Signed by MoFa of Bosnia, Lesley o7
Signed by Guverner of Bosnia, Runim o7
Signed by Guarantor of the agreement on the part of Bulgaria, danider
Signed by Prime Minister and vice Minister of internal affairs of Croatia. BatkoBatistuta o7
signed by Pavelcho
Good news
Wise move
Signed by Guarantor of the agreement on the part of Serbia Batasha o7
ja garantujem za ovog gore da će nešto da sjebe Laugh
Svaka cast za obje zajednice sto su uspjele postići dogovor o7
Signed by MOFA and eternal legend of Croatia o7
Signed by ImZoth, cp of ImZoth.
Signed by Minister of Balls
mac1990 is serbian or croatian?
TBH, i don’t know the details of things and what happened between you guys. But publicly apologizing only shows that you are a based and grounded man! It only gives you more strength! o/ Wish you the best for you guys, and our allies at BiH.
Shayan o7