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Social media is unavoidable in today's world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and we could list them for days. According to a research, people spend an average of 2 hours a day on at least one of these, or even on several of them, and many of them use it to get information in addition to their own entertainment.

You must have come across articles, comments, videos with a more serious tone, or perhaps ones that are offensive to citizens. They always have one goal: shaping people's opinions.

One of the important cornerstones of today's society is the circle of celebrities and influencers. Actually, they are people who have a huge number of followers on one of the above sites, who move people with their humor, actions, words or whatever. There are also several well-known videographers in Hungary who can move millions with just one request.

Perhaps the funniest example for me so far is that one video couple known on YouTube opened their online shop with only 2-3 t-shirts and hoodies. Then they asked the army of followers to vote for them in "the shop of the country competition" that year. The funny part is not that they tried, but that they won it, against stores like H&M or C&A. They received millions of votes, causing a huge surprise.

The Event system on Facebook is similar to this. In recent years, demonstrations have been organized with this function (not only this function, but this was a platform as well), which moved huge crowds, not only in our country, but also in the United States and Germany. 
A few examples:
The topic of abortion in the United States has received a lot of attention recently. Hundreds of demonstrations took place across the country against the leaked draft of the Supreme Court, which would abolish the constitutional right to abortion and return the right of provision to the governments of the member states. Demonstrators gathered in Washington in front of the US Supreme Court building, pro-abortionists also took to the streets in Los Angeles and New York. A Facebook group helped the opposition to easily find the demonstrations on the social network and to keep in touch with the participants. A peaceful demonstration was also held at the famous Freedom Square in the USA, where the participants demanded Hungary's independence and neutrality in front of the US Embassy.

However, we should always be careful when using the Internet. By means of cookies and other technologies, the pages record what we viewed, where we scrolled more slowly, and what content we were interested in. Profiles can be compiled from this data. Many service providers and data farms can sell this data, which is collected anonymously about users, thus in the form of anonymous big data. Because of this, we often receive ads that are irrelevant but suitable for our gender and age.

Internet personalization also collects a lot of data about us and the things around us. You may want to check our Facebook Activity Log and Privacy Settings to see what Facebook knows about us.

It is important to always be aware of our online activities and data protection, because they can affect us and our environment. Always be careful and informed in the internet world! 😊

Just imagine that we are preparing for a job interview for a position that requires a serious selection process. In the first round, HR checks what can be found about us on social media. Anything compromising can be good to ask on the meeting, just to see our reaction if we even get to the interview... Or they see who we know, what we like, so they can build a profile of us, to see if we fit into the profile of the company.
So they collect everything they can.

From the above, it can be seen that social media is inevitable in today's world. It is often said that if you don't have Facebook, you don't even exist. Everyone has some sort of digital footprint on the internet today, so if someone is serious about making an impact in life, it is very important to have the above social media profile and footprint. One minor slip-up that the keen-eyed net-trolls find out about, and one's career can be over.


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