Alex95 Forever

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So basically the CULT leader Alex95 is like a Robin Hood

But a REVERSED ONE, he is taking from the POOR and giving to the RICH

P.S. The People had spoken:




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No one Will stop this Madness??? D;
Please be ready at the reception at 10.25 so we can have the minibus! SCHEDULE FOR TODAY Morning - We will go and see Evcek eco tourism area and have a photo shooting competition 🤩 Then we will come back to the city center for the lunch. After the lunch, we will go to the AKTAS eco tourism waterfalls. We will back at the hotel at about 4.30-5. The dinner will be from 6.30 to 7.30! We have the North Macedonian, German and Bulgarian cultural nights today starting at 8.30! Please try to prepare your presentation for about 20-25 minutes maximum so we will have enough time for dancing as well! THANK YOU🫶🏻