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Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 02 Apr 2024 12:42 - 9

Hello, it's Harreki here.

In this article, I'll address several key issues within our gaming community, offering potential solutions and proposals for improvement. I hope the article does not get censored/deleted as the intend of this article is to point out some issues and ideas.

Issue 1: Gap DifferenceThe growing disparity between new and seasoned players (with this rate, on Day 30, they will be called seasoned players which is not a good thing for a fresh new game) poses a significant challenge. To mitigate this, the Admins should consider implementing a free training center accessible to all players with lower strength and intelligence until they reach 20% below maximum strength and intelligence, thereby fostering inclusivity and fair competition. This will motivate new players to keep playing this game.

Issue 2: New PlayersThe widening gap discourages new players, leading to diminished engagement and potential lowered revenue. Incentivizing player referrals through rewards (at the moment they are not competitive at all) could stimulate growth and sustain activity levels, thereby ensuring the longevity of the game. There are players such as Boikov and Atila from Bulgaria who are well known for bringing and teaching new players. Such players from all countries should be compensated for the dedicated work in order for them to keep continuing.

Issue 3: Health Packs
To maintain balance and prevent excessive advantage, imposing limits on health pack purchases, such as one per month per player, is essential. This measure safeguards fairness and encourages strategic gameplay. If there is a limit, this will give a player 141 600 extra hits each month which is more than enough.

Issue 4: Lack of Wikipedia
The absence of a comprehensive game guide exacerbates confusion and impedes player progression. Engaging with willing contributors to develop and publish a wiki would enhance user experience and alleviate queries, fostering a more informed and engaged community. The Wikipedia was promised on the game release, and yet here we are with no Wikipedia. Players have offered their help to write and translate the Wikipedia on Discord but it fell on a deaf ear. 

Issue 5: Equipment
While equipment offers exciting possibilities, its premature release could strain resources and exacerbate existing challenges. Prioritizing the stabilization of core game elements before introducing new features is crucial for long-term sustainability and player satisfaction. Most of players haven't upgraded the Training grounds and centers to max, let alone companies! The Admins should review the state of the game and the flow of gold after 6 months before deciding if the equipment shall be released.


Mass Messaging Feature: Implementing a mass messaging tool for employers to communicate with all employees simultaneously streamlines information dissemination and enhances player engagement. It would help massively employers who have a lot of employees.

Dedicated Trade Chat: Introducing a dedicated chat channel for trade discussions minimizes clutter and facilitates smoother transactions, enhancing the trading experience for all players.

Currency Rate Adjustment:
Increasing the currency rate while ensuring fair compensation benefits the entire player base and injects vitality into the in-game economy. I suggest the currency increase to 40. In this way, Admins have to double all currencies washout interfering with the game.

Gold Flow Enhancement:
Reassessing the distribution of gold to provide more opportunities for free-to-play players fosters a more balanced and equitable gaming environment. If there are no free-to-play players to make the game fun, there would be no such visa players as well. 

Research Centre: The research center should give double workers. The maximum level should give 10 workers. One to five workers are not enough at the moment, considering the scale of the game for now.

Transparency and Communication: Providing advance notice of upcoming changes or events fosters trust and transparency, empowering players to plan and adapt accordingly, thereby fostering a sense of community and investment in the game's future.

We are tired of changes and implementations with no notice or explanation. For example, there was no information about Easter Egg event, the damage was changed, the Company discounts were scraped, then implemented, then shortened, and the list goes on. Two published articles (one of them is just a summary of the game), obviously, is not enough information, or explanation.

In conclusion, addressing these issues and implementing the proposed solutions is crucial for maintaining a vibrant and sustainable gaming ecosystem. By prioritizing balance, inclusivity, and transparent communication, we can ensure the continued success and longevity of the game. Let's work together to create an environment where all players can thrive and contribute to our shared gaming experience.

Remember, if free-to-play players quit, all visa players will certainly quit as well. The free-to-play players are the one who make the game fun, interesting, and force visa players to spend more money. But everything have to be balanced, otherwise, they will just give up and that's where the project will fail. If this main issue is not fixed and addressed soon, the project will fail before summer, and people will not be interested in playing another game published by you (such as myself).

For this reason, I cannot continue investing in this game, since the future of this game is very unclear. Admins, you have the chance to address it and fix it before it is too late. My Discord is open for clear and transparent communication, after all, I am all for improving the game Smile 

Thank you for considering these suggestions. Your feedback and collaboration are essential as we strive to enhance and evolve our gaming community.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or something that needs to be put out, please do not hesitate to comment below this article. The article will be edited accordingly (if there are new ideas or other issues) so Admins can evaluate this article and get a clearer picture of where the game is heading.

Have a great evening!


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hmmm um cum gulugulu böffffffffff
+1 The very first issue was the gold pack. I prefer if there's no gold pack.
I strongly agree
It's been 5 days and you already ask for a leveling field? When the maximum force is 300 or something like that? Why didn't they do that when the gap is 120K? hahaha.