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- Boosters
There is a serious need of boosters, almost everyone runs out of them pretty quickly.
Since research center give 2 valuable rewards, HB and Worker Tokens, my proposal is to make "Strategic Weapon" Building more appealing to upgrade and for it to also produce temporary boosters based on their quality, q1 SW =q1 Booster, q5 SW = q5 Booster (temporary, ofc).

- Missiles Damage
150 tanks/150 ships q5 for 500k Missile damage? my empty hit is twice stronger than that.. one single hit with 100 q5 weapons is equal to 10 missiles, they need some big damage buff and pretty soon.
Bare minimum would be q1 -1m, q5 -5m, even like that one hit with 100 q5 weapons would be stronger than a missile(costs 150+150 to produce one, 250+250 to produce 2 with BP), but at least missiles got the advantage of last second rush.

- Babyboom
We are in desperate need of new players, and what better incentive to invite new players than an event dedicated for this? With a similar mechanism to "Weekly Tournament", it would be a good idea to create a "Weekly/Monthly Society Builder Event". How would it work? Those who invite players using their referal link earn 1 Point for every level their new referals make, and 0.1 points for every gold purchased, 1680 Gold pack purchased by referral would equal to 168 points. For transparency and to avoid multi abuse, all invited referals during event should be public while hovering over points, so other players can check and report the abuse if detected.

- Gems/Disciple Chests
The Gem rewards are pretty good, but those stops at level 50(Lv30-1 Gem, Lv40-3 Gems, Lv50-5 Gems). There is no incentive for us, inviters to motivate/help our referals to develop further and keep them in the game for longer.
Would be a good idea to reward at least 1-5 extra gem for every 100 levels, it's not much but useful on the long-term.

- TP/TA/TR Medals
Increasing the RH reward is a good addition to the game, but it still benefits only the big players who can deal more damage and take the RH, it brings nothing to the table for the average and small players.
A very needed and required change would be to decrease the damage for all TP/TA/TR medals even by a bit so the gold can be made just a bit easier, any improvement, even a 5% decrease in required damage would be extremely appreciated by everyone. I would suggest a ~10 to 20% decrease in damage required to have positive effect.

- Redesign Fighting options
Did you ever had troubles using HB? we have to pick it from weapons selection, sometimes it gets buggy and it's not being used, we have to click on it multiple times, then re-select the weapons to start fighting, sometimes we're wasting dozens of very important seconds in the last minutes of an important fight to use just one HB.
My proposal is to move the HB to the left, make a button to select between EB/HB/Hospitals etc, permanent or temporary, we need this for a more optimal fighting experience.

- Special Weapons(Nukes/Missiles)
How many times did you forgot about "Speed Off" and used a big amount of nukes, or missiles?
What if you want to use 2,3,5 Nukes/Missiles or any custom amount at once instead of 100/20/10/1 like the actual system works?
Excuse my terrible paint skills, but why not make a new button for Nukes and Missiles and allow us to enter a custom amount that we want to use? It's easier and gives a huge strategic advantage when you want to push the wall a specific amount. Or edit the actual weapon button to let us enter a custom amount for Nukes and Missiles only.

- Block player
Already proposed it on Discord but it won't hurt to add it here also
Add an option to block a player in-game, next to add/remove friend. It should block private messages, comments on articles, donations, contracts, messages on chat, etc.


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Nice ideas! Support!
I support all the suggestions here, they are all great! o7
Baby boom is the most needed thingy
Support o7
Thanks Danider i knew u would love it
All are really good ideas, just yesterday I wasted 10 nukes because I didn't know that feature F
О о7
+ new strategic building that produces life kits, why are there life kits in the first place when there is no way to produce them?? also, why are there basically 0 ads for the game and administrations waits for players to do their bidding with inviting new players? A little bit of investment on their side for ADS etc would freshen the game. It's maddening that a new and fresh game to have less than 200 online people at any time of the day. Good suggestions overall.
Agree with most things said in the article. Can we also have a better BATTLES page? I liked this 2hr round system but it is very confusing in the battles page. Maybe change from Higher Round first to Round Timer first and separate your countries battles from the allies. I'm not sure how Admin could manage it but right now it is a very difficult layout, at least for me.
Supported! I see decent suggestions here!
For Misile dmg , dmg is pathetic but problem is that admin keeps making same mistake over and over again, it shouldnt be fixed dmg, but scalable to player strength. Example player with no wep base dmg of 100k, with Q1 misile x20, Q2x50, Q3X90, Q4x140 and Q5x200 (this would encourage for player to upgrade and actualy build misiles as they would be worth something. While Nuke should do x300 base dmg. Is simple and would work for all and it wouldn't be overpowered for some while obsolete for others.
Lazy admin don't advertise it's game
Nice ideas! Supported
Amazing ideas! I hope for common sense from Admin and he actually do at least some of them. Good work!
Good ideas, I’m with this. Make sure to add a ticket for the admin to review some of these too!
Since we have 2x energy during weekends, wouldn't it be interesting to have a 2x gold for RH and BH as well?
+1 Fatal
+1 o7
Turn the Power switch Off on all servers.
ja gute Vorschläge mit dabei