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Hello dear reader!

It's not the first article, but I want to promote the newspaper worldwide, so...

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Claudio. Not long ago I turned the beautiful age of 22, the second time. I am an engineer by profession, a professional, and the titles and functions leave me cold until I know the person behind them. I really like hiking, we have a large group that ticks off some peaks every weekend, through all corners of the country.

And a hike, without immortalizing the beautiful places we have as a country, is not crowned with success if Sasha does not get down to the keys to describe, as only she knows, every moment of the expedition. Her story. And now, who is Sasha?

Sasha is an 8-year-old and 5-month-old labrador, who has seen so many beautiful places that most furry four-legged friends would be envious of her. Secular forests, glacial lakes, alpine plateaus, mountain ridges and mountain peaks. By the hundreds.

Friends in real life proposed to me to take out a book with all the stories of Sasha from the keyboard. I'm waiting for it to collect about 3 volumes, after which I think I will publish it. Smile If you want to follow her in her future adventures, but also to see what peaks she has ticked off, you know what you have to do. Subscribe to the newspaper.

See you in future adventures!


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Best of luck! Let us know Smile
You will know, twice per week, one from her past hiking and one story for her present adventure Smile
I vote for the Sasha