The Irish Republic

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If you are an Irish citizen. Contact me or another government member to ask about our national defense stockpile!
Ireland o7 Balls Squad
I know we are enemies now but that is a really great article! o7
Thank you! Now you are showing that you can also say logical things and see things clearly instead of only invasion related stuff, threatening others and trash talks. Let me state that the intention of those attacks were never to wipe any country. As we never needed it. It was simply a defense mechanism against the attacks and invasion claims. Situation called for it. Somebody needed to pull the brake on the non-stop aggressive claims followed by attacks. Now the game is even more interesting. We are all having fun. I see opponents having a greater sense of respect for each other, And the most important of all, we learned that nobody can win forever! Who cares what will happen tomorrow, whatever it is, have fun o/
@Shayan I think the roasting is part of the experience at this point personally, I don't think anyone should take anything seriously or to heart. This is a game of war, and In the end, we are all playing together (:
Bris, took you long enough in this game, time for you to retire πŸ˜‚
Fuk off you hypocrite
thats what she said
Shyan +1 Good luck Ireland o7
Good luck
@White Balls, Don’t worry about it, nobody taking anything to heart.
Ireland is best land. o7
I peed on your head
Special operation would be invasion war, so you sent DOW, please use world war instead special operation
Shhhh i do not accept this word in my government