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Dear Players,

Get ready for an update that's about to take your gaming experience to the next level with your proposals. Did you know that the average gamer spends over 6 hours a week playing their favorite games? Well, we're about to make those hours even more thrilling!!!🎮

League Wars: Battle for the Crown

League Wars: Battle for the Crown, is back with us. This thrilling competition will see countries from around the globe competing in intense battles, with the ultimate goal of winning the prestigious crown.
This time we have made some changes regarding your feedback.

How It Works:

  • Direct Elimination Format: Each country will face off in direct elimination battles.

  • Battle Schedule: Battles start at 10:00 game time, consisting of 10-minute rounds, until one of the sides wins 8 rounds. The next bracket starts the next day at the same time.

  • Duration: The tournament will start at Monday 10.06.2024, the final showdown for the crown will be at Sunday.

  • Progression: Winners advance in the bracket. Participation in the battles for your country counts towards True Patriot progress. In the League Wars battles, the Round Hero medal will be worth 2.5 Gold.

  • Rewards: Victorious countries and top players will receive gold mines and other valuable rewards at the end of the tournament.

Rewards for Winners:
Countries that showcase superior strategy and strength will earn a gold mine for their citizens, with the duration based on their final position based on inflicted damage in the tournament:

  • 1st place - 7 days of Gold Mine

  • 2nd place - 6 days of Gold Mine

  • 3rd place - 5 days of Gold Mine

  • 4th to 10th place - 3 days of Gold Mine

What is a Gold Mine? Each day, every citizen of the country will be able to receive a random gold reward from the Mine. The winner of the final war in the tournament will have doubled days for gold mine. It means if you won 3rd place your country will have 10 days of Gold Mine.
NOTE: We have implemented a rule where the country that loses but deals the highest damage in the last round advances to the next round in a Rounds where we are missing opponent. This ensures that each round has an equal number of countries and no country will go without an opponent. Also even number of countries in every round, preventing any country from advancing without an opponent.


From 08.06 to 10.06(last day) we are providing you a discount on Training grounds, Strategic Buildings, and Special Items. We hope that you will have enough assets in your accounts to achieve your goals.

Info Board

- Influence damage boost. This is a boost we've discussed several times on Discord and through support tickets. Here’s how the final implementation will work from Saturday 08.06. When you occupy a region from another country, each day of holding it will provide a +1% damage boost ONLY to their citizens fighting for their liberation. If a third country occupies a region through a direct war against its current aggressor, the damage boost won't be removed. This bonus damage is not calculated in your profiles, so it does not count towards True Patriot damage; it is only applied in battles.

With this influence damage boost, we believe we are adding more strategic depth to the game and offering support to smaller communities. Please note that in the future, when there is more balance between players' strengths, we reserve the right to slightly modify this feature to align with our original vision.

- You asked, and we provided. The initial proposal was to provide you with 10 Gems when a player reaches Level 100. We've done even better: you will now receive 5 Gems for every 100 levels that your referral achieves. We hope this new perk will motivate you to invite your friends to our small, simple game and help them get started and enjoy playing.

- Missile damage changes from Saturday 08.06. We are providing 50% more damage for each quality. That means your missiles will make the next damage based on quality

- Epic Battle progress bar, we have made a solution for you to track it inside battle. So when you click on the battle at the bottom there is a bar that shows you how much damage is done in battle and how much is needed for battle to become Epic.

If you don't find your proposals in this update or your ticket is still unanswered, please be patient. We will respond to you with a proper answer. Every one of you deserves our time and attention, especially when you've taken the time to share detailed proposals on how to improve the game.We are really listening to your proposals. We love to be challenged and enjoy having engaging discussions with everyone. Please continue sharing your ideas with us.
I know you're all eagerly waiting for a new event, but at this point, there isn't any event you haven't seen before. We can rebrand existing ones, but there isn't anything entirely new right now. However, we're constantly exploring options to entertain you and create something you'll love, just as we've been doing for some time.
I encourage you to join our community on Discord so we can discuss proposals, weigh the pros and cons, and remain polite and respectful to everyone.

Best regards,
eDominacy Team


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Day 69 wink wink
hvala Tovare bit će Hajduk prvak dogodine o/
sal bişeyler cimri olma o7
Always same
Good o7
nudge nudge
day 69 Laugh
69 nice
admin this server have more problems.
Sve je OK, sano ovaj turnir Ligue Wars treba se napraviti izmedju MU a ne sa mrtvim zemljama.
Aqui hay mas descuentos que jugadores :V
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Storage discount when ?
more dmg for missiles
Good o7
Missile dmg shouldn't be fixed, it should be proportional to our strength. Im just average player here and even for me Q5 is basically same as hit with 1000 energy and 100 bazukas
Babyboom when?
que bueno nuevo evento, a no espera es el mismo de siempre xddd
I think you should improve league wars event, especially for battle duration because some people difficult standby in battle time because our bedtime.
Discounts could be 30%
Konosuba goddess Eris best girl
69 nice, hehe
Send me food