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Dear citizens, 

The New Zealand Government in occasion of the Discounts, continue to incentivate the construction or upgrades of new companies in New Zealand.
So we refund taxes to ALL people who made his upgrade of companies in New Zealand.

For Foreign CITIZENS we refund the 90% of the taxes for the construction of:

- Food
- Weapons
- House
- Hospital
- Ds

Documentation needed (screen shots etc):

1) New Zealand Treasury (before and after)
2) A list of - the companies created or updated, - the total gold spent and total of taxes paid - the tax-return claimed.
3) Send all above to the Cp.

The refunds will be sended as soon as possibile (in max 24 h from request).

Have a good Discount period in New Zealand


GhuURed Eagle

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I'd love to use this system when you have the opportunity!