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A bird that lived only on the island of Mauritius. The Portuguese discovered this island in 1505 and it was just a stopover for them on their way to India.

They hunted this giant pigeon for its delicious meat.

Then Mauritius became a Dutch colony and human greed took its toll.

For 4 million years, the dodo lived exclusively in Mauritius, and people completely exterminated it in 100 years. To make the tragedy worse, the Dodo had no enemies on the island and was not afraid of people, and was therefore easy prey. The dodo was a flightless bird from the pigeon family, about 80 cm tall. and weighing about 20 kg.

One skeleton was preserved in a museum in London, but it was destroyed by fire. Recently, a skeleton of a Dodo with several young was found near a cave in Mauritius.

A group of Japanese scientists expressed their desire to clone him.

Thank you to the Portuguese and Dutch colonialists who, in addition to human trafficking, managed to destroy this bird as well.




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