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Published in Romania - Social interactions and entertainment - 07 Jun 2024 05:37 - 12

Good day fellow reader.

Today i write this article to talk about something that has been bothering me lately.

But before going with it I would like to inform this article is intended to eRomanian citizens, since players from other nations may not understand the situation at its fullest. Also, i apologize for writing the article in English, my Romanian is very poor at this moment (my vocabulary is limited to basic pleasantries and palinka).

First of all; I'm a simple person, i don't like to argue nor i like people arguing, therefore i try to ignore it as much as I can. Sadly for me, I don't like injustice either. 

I'm sure every eRomanian citizen has noticed the ranting that has been going on in country chat and articles, I'm specifically talking about OchiReci's shouts.


(This is what Im talking about, post after post translated to English from Romanian using google translate)

And don't let me get started with articles:


Lines and lines and lines and more lines of it!

I firmly support the right to free speech, but there's a clear distinction between expressing opinions and engaging in behavior that borders on harassment or, as we see here, insulting people:


Talking about euthanize someone:


or calling people's mothers wh*res:


(Translation: Humulus and clones (multies); Article, those who voted yes for the law are sons of b...)

And more things that I don't have the mood to look for and take screenshots, things like accusing Humulus and Hero of stealing gold from the treasury or having multiple accounts. Anyone can check the financial balances in the Discord channel and what would they even have multies for?, these accusations are just hot air.

This toxic behavior is driving people away from the game, and who can blame them? It's not exactly fun playing when you're constantly dodging insults and accusations or reading related posts in the country chat.

Now, knowing this and with the recent presidential elections for which OchiReci ran as a candidate, you'd think people wouldn't vote for someone who's called them stupid and harassed other players, right? 

Well, you might be in for a surprise…


I understand that as a foreigner, I may not have the right to comment on internal matters, but I cannot ignore what I perceive as injustice. My question is simple: why?

When I first joined eRomania and became a member of Lupii Carpatini, I considered OchiReci a friend and a good person. However, his recent behavior has left me questioning everything. I'm struggling to reconcile the person I once knew with the one I see now.

I'm genuinely interested in understanding why he is acting this way.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope we can find answers and, ultimately, a way forward.



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the main character is sure to appear and say that either I made you write the article or you are a clone of mine
I'm surely your clone, admin please ban us all.
Thank you Mauricio, I still consider you my friend but we end here everything, good luck in life. One simple thing to say: it look like none of you actually like my support in the voting, and consider you all want the seat, this media campain against me make sens. Im not talking about imzoth, they know who they are! Or maybe they wana shame me to leave and let them the keys, who knows... but we are not there yet. Any more in future? (also not for imzoth) Mauricio was nice to meet you and I wanna end in a good way, despite what you wrote, have a nice life and all the best!
You're the best eDominacy weeb imzoth. Trust the plan.
One simple question Mauricio, anything from this age? at least from this month then?
As i mentioned to you some time ago I consider every eRomanian as my friend, you included. When i first met you, you were nice and rational, till some day you just turned around to insult and harass people. I dont get to understand why. It was nice to meet you as well, I hope you'll get back to be the person I first met. Answering your question: no, i didn't want to look for more so i used what images i had with me at the moment of writing the article. Wish you the best, pal.
And no, i dont want any seat nor i'm talking on behalf or influenced by other people if that's what you mean. I'm genuinelly concerned about how a person as good as you just started to insult every person that didn't agree with them, and about the people voting for a person with that kind of behaviour to be President of a Country. That's why I wrote the article.
Form another foreign: +1, subscribe
Mauricio one day you will understand, mark my words! I just hope it wont be to late! o7
Given you are playing this game with us in this country, I believe you have every right to talk about things like anyother citiz3n, because what you call internal matters are your matters as well. Nice to have you here with us Why peoples voted the way they did? Does it matter? The good guys won and in the end that is what really matters. Maybe they didn't won at the difference they would of expect let's call 9t a cold shower. Some voted for their party or military unit no matter the candidate, some still consider the individual a friend like you once did, some voted the lack of campaign or presentantion article from the elected president. Anyway I would credit the person with half his votes but on this matter only the administration of the game can have a word. As for his behaviour, not beeing an psychologist I can't express an opinion on his mental issues, I can only say ugly ppls do exist, best is to ignore them as they feed on attention. Wish you all the best
Aladin just one thing to say: go speak with admin, if you have questions or stop implying things that you dont understand. Im fine with bowth, all the best!
And when you speak with admin, ask him to verify you also because you are are probably a clone that simple talk with other word!