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Published in Germany - Social interactions and entertainment - 03 Apr 2024 18:20 - 14

Calling Adventurers to Germany!

Thinking about where to take your next adventure? Look no further than Germany! Here's why you should join our thriving community:

Solid Foundations:

We offer a stable and rewarding gameplay experience with generous 80/80/80/80 resource bonuses.

Friendly Community:

Our Discord server is a lively hub for players of all experience levels. Join the conversation, share strategies with veterans, and have some laughs along the way (drama is optional!).

Strong Leadership:

The German Military Unit (MU) is under experienced and dedicated leadership (me!). We work together to achieve our goals, celebrate victories, and overcome challenges as a team.

Ready to Join the Fun?

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, we welcome you to Germany! We offer a supportive and engaging environment where you can truly enjoy the game.

See you in-game!


as always, many thanks to Bard



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Ireland is better, but Germany have very nice people Cheeky
Ireland has very nice people too! Cheeky
Kaven is a secret #catslovers , admit it! A quote. Greets from Haroj . I can not endorse yet, and I have very little currency. So I have sent you a gold as a donation for a few issues of your excellent newspaper. cheers, Nightshift aka haroj
thank you! Cheeky
o7 For Germany 🇩🇪
our prime commander live long my multi
Hail Germany! Deutschland über alles! Panzer forever!
Hey Kaveh Smile
hey Cheeky
I’ll need a job in Germany