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Hello Loyal readers and new subscribers,

Welcome to the countries analysis day 78, first analysis after taxes update.

this was a very tiresome collecting all data, but it was worth it.

I have not added some countries under 100cc daily, my apologies.

We have 18 countries that has over 100cc daily tax.

so let's dive into business Smile

with new update we can see not only total taxes amount daily but also it's origin.

I've broken down all sections and got some interesting insights

As usual, we'll start with:
Total Taxes and TAC(Taxes per Active Citizens)

In total taxes we can see world war has changed things. the strongest getting stronger and less countries are operating with taxes collected.

Bulgaria is still leading with 18k daily in average while serbia is 2nd with 9403, almost twice!.

3rd we have romania with 2761 average and only 5 more between 1k-1.5k.

Meaning only 8 countries currently have over 1k taxes daily. hard war.

TAC says something different as always.

here Serbia is the one leading with almost 49 TAC, with Bulgaria after with around 38.

Ireland and Greece, even though they are the 2 countries with less bonuses, their TAC is still among first 5.

Romania and Germany are close together in places 5th and 6th, although Romania has 40% more bonuses, Germany might be doing something interesting, we'll get to that later.

and now to new detailed taxes reviews:

Work tax
work in most countries is fixed which allowed me to calculate total amount of salaries payed daily. I have also added average salary per active citizen. that is of course not the true average salary in that country but it can give us some insight on how many out of country employee that country has.

a lot of workers is a lot of token which gives that country a high recovery status in theory.

We can see Bulgaria is leading total salaries of around 15.3k cc payed daily in salaries. Greece is a surprise, in 2nd place with 7753 cc daily salaries payed.

Romania 3rd with 4676 cc daily, Germany 4th with 3873 cc daily and Serbia closing the 2k-4k level with 2282cc daily, interesting compared to their usual place in other charts.

Manager Taxes
The mother load. most taxes arrive from manager work tax. this is also where bonuses and tax for foreigners would set most of a country's budget, except some interesting ones.

we can watch this chart from different angles, I've decided to leave it on total amount.

what we can see from this chart is amazing though.

% from total taxes
countries with 300% bonus or more have manager taxes from 73% from total at Iran and up to 96% in Sweden.

only different is Indonesia having manager taxes only 62% from total but we'll see soon why.

another insight from this charts, I call it the loyalists. those who produce in countries with low bonuses, keeping their country alive suffering from absence of loses.

Ireland is leading this mix with 95% from total tax with only 100% total bonuses. total of 704cc daily.

2nd in loyalist ranks is Hungary, having around 85% of total taxes from manager tax with 140% bonuses and total 194 cc daily.

Spain should be mentioned as well as their total manager taxes are ranked 4th in total and making 95% of total taxes daily having 280% bonuses.

Best Place to produce

so which is the best country to produce as an outsider?

foreign manager tax can be heavy when you have a lot of companies, so we'll focus on those with only 1 cc foreign work tax.

Serbia is leading with 360% with Romania after with 340%. that is known and reflected in taxes.

next floor we have Peru, Iran and Sweden. Peru leads with 994 cc manager tax, followed by Iran with 525. Sweden is weirdly very behind with only 180 from manager tax. Is Sweden using it's bonuses to attract foreigners to work? doesn't seems so.

Germany on the other hand with only 300% bonuses have 1222cc manager work tax daily, higher than all countries in the 320% bonuses class.

Good job Germany!

Building taxes

this charts was sorted by % from total taxes. although building taxes means a lot of low level companies, maybe low level players and 2 clickers, it is also not a stable source of income in my opinion.

Indonesia is leading here with 32.6% from building taxes, 1st in total with 463 daily from it only. wow.

Iran is 2nd with 23%.

at the bottom we have Albania, Sweden and Bosnia that have 0% from total in this chart

Market Taxes

The most interesting info in my opinion. a good market means a lot of activity in that country.

Unfortunately, a lot of countries have different taxes for products and imports so I'll focus on total amount and % from total taxes.

Serbia is leading total amounts with 667 cc from market transaction.

Selling your products where you produce is a good idea to raise money for working factories, and Serbia used that wisely, with a fixed 5% tax on all except local food selling.

Bulgaria 2nd with only 463 cc daily from market activity. they have 1% tax for locals, 30%-50% on imports of raw mats, 20% on food and 10% on houses.

playing with the market taxes a bit can help raise taxes but will also might hurt citizens. Bulgaria should consider carefully.

Albania is 3rd with a total of 418 cc daily from market, being 44% from total taxes daily, wow!

they also have fixed 5% tax on locals and imports with imports taxes for raw at 30%.

Greece is 4th with 212 total cc, 19% from total taxes collected.

Greece with only 30% bonuses still able to have a good market revenues with a very different mix of taxes.

Good job Greece!

This is all for now.

Feeling something is left out? you have more insights you'd like to add?

feel free to add in comments

this article is dedicated to Kaboklo. Took me a while but I promised Smile

Hope you enjoyed reading "economic Pulse",
Best place to update on current economical trends.


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