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Disclaimer: I did used nukes, i have them in my storage, i will keep buying and using them. I'm not against nukes!
I'd like to explain better through an example how insanely strong they are and the importance of finding a balance.

Right now a nuke deals 50M Damage ( **On Day 15 it will be changed to 20M Damage each)
Let's say for example that the most organised MU in the game have all the players online at the same time and are ready to fight with full energy and q5 weapons in a battle at T1(last minute). The catch? none of them have nukes, they're f2p players.
We'll take 10k energy as the average and 1k weapons q5 used for each player, 40 players in total, 400k energy and 40k weapons q5.
One player will be able to deal roughly 1M damage for 10k energy empty handed + 150% Damage multiplier from q5 weapons = 2.5M Damage
Team One have 40 players * 2.5m Damage = 100M Total Damage and they start hitting at T1
Team Two have one player alone, and he buys a nuke pack.. he can see the damage being dealt and can estimate that the maximum damage Team One can do is 100M, so he decides to use 2 Nukes in the last 2-10 seconds. 
The bar is not even updated in the last 10-20 seconds, so it's an easy win for the nukes.

*I think that the most experienced last minute fighters can agree that most important feature of Nukes is that they can be used in a few last seconds and flip the battle. The focus shouldn't be on insanely buffed damage

Things to consider :
40 active players armed with 40k weapons q5 (40k * 30g/ per 1k = 1200 gold) are barely capable to deal the same damage as 2 nukes.
The market for weapons is dead because of nukes
Average f2p players feel powerless in battles

Yes, on Day 15, nukes damage will be modified to 20M each and players damage will gradually grow, this will partially fix the problem, but given the same example, Team Two will have to use 10 Nukes (200M) to compensate for 40 active players armed with Q5 Weapons (Probably doubling their damage by then also to 200M) .
That's still 1 Nuke player (10 Nukes) winning over 40 active players armed with q5 weapons (1200 Gold+)

I don't have any proposals or answers for this, i think the solution has to come from the community as a whole.
But what i know for sure is.. there needs to be a ballance for average players and for the utility of weapons in battles.



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Agreed, nukes are a stupid part of this game Sad
Great article and bigest problem of the game definitely!
is admin active?
Nukes should be locked in the last 60 seconds of the battle, same way as other games locked the heavy special weapons even as low as T-5. Yes they are gonna lose rush potential but instead of nerfing the damage, it can be a complimentary damage for the actual rush forces to brawl it out at the end.
This nukes were to be introduced into the game much later. The game was underprepared for its own launch. Unfortunately, for some of the gaps are already too late to be fixed...
+1 , this should be addressed ASAP
aveces pienso que la administración no le interesa para nada la jugabilidad, de que sirve tener a 10 personar super visas y los f2p se retiren contra quien pelearán que aran no tendria sentido el juego se aburrirán y se irán ambos tipos de jugadores
Sometimes I think that the administration is not interested at all in the gameplay, what's the point of having 10 people with super visas and the f2p will withdraw against who they will fight against that they won't make sense the game will get bored and both types of players will leave
Agree 100%. I have used nukes to turn a few rounds in the last seconds. Ridiculous power imbalance.
Nukes are end game weapons and should not have been introduced from the start of the game but the administration wanted to sell packs and make money easy... There was no thinking into the effect of them being used as there was no thinking into the effect of making all TG's available from the start also. These 2 should have been introduced gradually and for shoe not from Day1 !!!
Agree, but Game's HQ need money for develop to Game
if we consider that Admin has been playing this game for more than eight years, it's simply impossible to assume that he doesn't know how to balance. the imbalance is there because people will buy and spend money
Nukes should have entered the game a few months later