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Greetings  All Explorers!

Hungry for Adventure?

In the vast world of Edominacy, your choices determine your des. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a budding builder, there's a perfect region waiting to be explored!

Fueling Your Explorations:

Romania: This bountiful land offers a staggering 100 food bonus, ensuring your troops are well-fed for any adventure. (80 Weapon, 80 House, 80 Ship)

Bulgaria: These fertile wheat farms provide a solid foundation with a 90 food bonus. (80 Weapon, 60 House, 70 Ship)

Forging Your Path:

Serbia: When the call to battle arises, Serbia provides a formidable arsenal with a 100 weapon bonus. (80 Food, 80 House, 90 Ship)

Peru: Seeking a balanced approach? Peru offers a well-rounded bonus with 100 weapon power and 100 house production. (80 Food, 60 Ship)

Masters of All Trades:

Some regions excel in a variety of areas:

USA: Offering a balanced approach, the USA provides a bonus of 80 across all resources. (Food, Weapon, House, Ship)

Germany: Similar to the USA, Germany boasts a well-rounded bonus of 80 across all resources. (Food, Weapon, House, Ship)

Remember: These bonuses are subject to change, so stay tuned for future updates!

I hope this guide helps you chart your course in Edominacy!

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special thanks to my friend Bard


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How about Iran? In 1 hours it will be 80% amongst all resources as well!
Hail Kaveh o7
Shayan lemme know to update the article when you reach those values
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thank you eVokasi Cheeky
USA = یونجه زار های سرسبز الیگودرز 🥺
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