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Important Updates and Announcements from the eDominacy Team

Dear Citizens of eDominacy,

We are happy to share some exciting updates and announcements that we made past 5 or 6 Day and that we believe will enhance your gaming experience and contribute to the community.

New Missions Added:
We have introduce two new missions triggered after reaching level 25:
- Mission: Be Online 3 Days in a Row   - Reward: 250cc, 2000 units of Q5 food, and 7.5 gold
 - Description: Join us in the eDominacy realm consistently for three days straight and earn valuable rewards!

- Mission: Be Online 10 Days in a Row   - Reward: 500cc, 3000 units of Q5 food, and 12.5 gold 
- Description: Keep the streak alive! Spend ten consecutive days immersed in the eDominacy world and unlock even greater rewards.

Changes to the Game Store:
We've made some adjustments to the game store:
- Players can now purchase the Monthly pack every 30 days.
- The War pack is now available for purchase every 7 days.
- Damage dealt by Nukes has been reduced to 20 MIO on day change of day 15.

Battle Updates:
During active battles, you will now see the top round hero and your damage for the active round. Once the battle concludes, you will see the top Battle Hero.

Strategic buildings:
We have reciaved some feedbacks by community to add more worker tokens into Research center so it was decided to change quantity in some of levels:
- Q1 will still give 1 worker token
- Q2 will still give 2 worker tokens
- Q3 will still give 3 worker tokens
- Q4 will give 5 worker tokens
- Q5 will give 7 worker tokens

As some suggested that amount should be even bigger we decided to add new pack which is called Business pack which will have one of items in it where you can double the amount of productivity which means Research center will give Q1 to Q5 - 2,4,6,10,14 worker tokens daily.

Remember each player will be able to buy 1 Business pack each 30 days.

Research Center changes and Business pack will be added at day change tommorow.

Game Mechanics Adjustment:
We recently addressed an issue where hitting barehanded resulted in overly increased damage, affecting the scaling of all weapon types. We've fixed the damage without weapons and ensured the correct multipliers for armed damage

New Medals Added:
Responding to your feedback, we've added True Revolutionary and True Ally medals to the game. Each new medal awards 1 Gold and 25CC, also the True Patriot medal remains at 5 gold.

TikTok Videos Boost:
Check out our TikTok videos, including a recent upload that received great feedback with a high score. We've boosted all our videos, so be sure to check them out and give them a like!
Community Engagement:
Share your ideas for our next video in the articles section. Each idea will be rewarded, so start brainstorming! Content creators, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Wiki Launch:
Our wiki will be going live in 48 hours, thanks to Danider's hard work.

Staff Promotions:
Congratulations to Kaveh and Danider, who have been promoted to mods I and are now supervisors.

Upcoming Plans:
Stay tuned for our upcoming plans, including weekly events and a free beginner TG for players with low strength after day 30.

Meanwhile, keep giving us your feedback and proposals about the game.
Best regards,
eDominacy Team 



Comments (66)

How much will cost the Business Pack?
Same all over again
are you crazy ? stop incentivizing visa players!!!! 90% of players have 5 companies each , and you release a business pack .... are you normal ???? already in the 1st week do you want to kick people out .... do you even think before you do something ....
Интересно оооуууу и да живеят котките ееейййй!
11.9e for Bussiness PACK
Good Job
Please explain what does power pack do ?
Nice changes. Keep going to balance the players (packers and non-packers) not to be a lot of advatage for the packers. I am self packer, but its not fair for others players to play pay to win gama and a lot of players to quit fast. Its a good beggining with this news, but keep going.
There were a few steps in the right direction. But the business pack will simply widen the already huge gap between the regular and the visa players. And still i dont see anything about limiting the energy packs.
Very bad decision. Players with 200 companies will produce like crazy meanwhile other players with 5 companies will continue struggling. Which of course, will lead to players quitting this game. eDominacy should be presented as of how you should not run the game! Sad
Agree with @harreki these changes, at least too the business pack will not be good for the game. Small business will lose out and markets will be monopolized by big visa players. Just increase strategic building with more employees. Like I said dead game in less than a month
good job Laugh everything is progressing, but I am still against paying CC as a medal award
Please Limit upgrade training biulding for 1month and step by step Discount for upgrade company and training biulding
Everything was fine until I saw the business pack This messes up the balance of the game more and visa players become the gods of the game And even their need for employees decreases and they pay less CC If you add the business pack to the game, to improve the balance of the game, you should increase the reward of the game medals (TA, TR) as before, even it seems that you should also increase the reward of the RH medal, Otherwise, many players will have to leave the game in the second week. Best regards o7.
Good Luck o7
о7 A good start in the right direction. There is hope that the game can be saved from an untimely death. The business pack is definitely a good solution for financial gain, but it made the already formed gap between players into an abyss. Deflection, Harreki, MrSharp +1.
For example, if I want to fight to receive a TR medal in the Taiwan revolution, it will give me 1 gold and 25 cc for each medal. Believe me, I dont care at all about cc of a dead and inactive country cause it has no usage to me.
Cc as a medal is wrong especialy if the country is dead. And even if i buy packs in general ,business pack is a wrong move at this stage to improve the game for all better add extra strategic building with workers than the pack and this pack btw is like dissolving the first changes that you announced already.
Konosuba goddess Eris best girl
A good change to start with, but the question still remains about the difference between the players. I deal 79k damage, while there are players who deal over 1 million. These players regularly obtain RH medals, while I struggle to get more than 4-5 per day. For medals like TP, TA, and TR, I hit one nuke and now, to earn the next medal, I'll need to hit at least 20 thousand hits for 1 or 5 gold. I have no problem with someone producing more than me and selling to me if I have gold and currency to buy with, but I don't have the currency to even make minimal things without buying packs of gold.
xd creo q administración tiene llena la cabeza pero de otra cosa, creo un super visa maneja la administración para poner todo a su favor
That's good but I don't have currency(gold) and I see a little difference "Smile" between me and other players... I fight with dmg of 20-30k and see other who deal millions of dmg. The VISA playes have 100+ firms I dont have 0 Q5 firm ......
To much early to put double production. And we see this keep pay2win. Please make it more free..
is this the same admin or what? xd
Visa... Visa.... Visa...
We need more gold to improve and become stronger. Admin, please shorten the damage interval between medals.