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Salute to All Allies and Opponents

This is an official declaration of war by Germany against Bulgaria.

In this article, I will explain the reasons that led our nation, for the very first time, to declare war on another heavily active and populated nation in our short history in this game.

We began as a small community of fewer than 20 players. Despite my personal reservations, the government decided to remain neutral. I understood their reasons—this is a heavily pay-to-win game, making it difficult for our nation to actively engage in wars without significant harm. So, I left Germany and joined Ireland. I won’t discuss what happened in Ireland or why I returned to Germany, because this is about Germany, not me or Ireland.

Initially, we thought that since we couldn't compete with other nations due to the lack of heavy spenders, we should adopt a mercenary mode.

From day one, we were mocked, hated, and threatened. We knew what awaited us and we didn't complain. But without any reason, Bulgaria started taunting and isolating us.

These threats, along with changes in game mechanics making it more possible for free-to-play players to compete with pay-to-win players, led us to actively participate in global politics. However, the degree of hostility from Bulgaria—the hatred and flame—was the main reason for us to adjust our internal and external policies to neutralize those threats. It is not our purpose to ruin the game for other players.

People told me the game needs wars. I have been against starting this war for the past three days; you can ask Safer. But the global and internal atmosphere requires us to take harsh measures at this time.

We didn't start this, but we will end it. We are not afraid of the outcome. Our fragile economy may collapse, but let the world know that we will not give up, and we will not give in.

Country President of Germany 



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Hail Germany!
Heil! Heil! Heil!
Hail Germany! o7
Hail Victory O7
Papiga lopov, bule traitor
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Looking for new home
From the day one, you are not hated and threatened , you are all loved by me
joe biden
Kaveh, go drink your pills, and stop poising the game with your delliriums, this article is uber cringe
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BG complaining about Kaveh, when he acts only a 20% like Brisleain. LOL
The difference is I explain everything and my articles make sense. I don’t know what this article is about 😂
Kaveh, how did your head manage to give birth to such nonsense..
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