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Hello again eDominacy

First, I got my Media Mogul medal and I believe a proper way to celebrate is some GIVEAWAY.
Everyone who write a comment with Vote and Sub numbers (old subs counted too) will receive 40 Q5 bread.
If you comment is also meaningful, critique or adding to the ideas below, you will get 25 Q5 bread additional for total of 65 Q5 bread.

Ideas itself:

1. Increase Missiles Q1 to Q5 damage from 100k per level to 500k per level

Q1 - 500k
Q2 - 1 M
Q3 - 1.5 M
Q4 - 2 M
Q5 - 2.5 M

This will make players who start game be able for 30 gold to start gain 1 M damage per day for some small amount of weapons.
Such damage boost would also make countries help them invest in those players to help them generate.
This way 3 players with Q2 missile will outperform so called VISA player with maximum Missile building by half a million.
Will make the market more diverse.
With Nukes drop-down, multiple players with Q2 - Q3 Missiles production out-damage VISA for acceptable gold cost.
In addition, rewards for number of hits consisting Missiles will also add equality.

2. Remove work tokens from event awards and replace them with Missiles.

This would help two ways
- More missiles for activity of hits/events means that number of players who are active and win missiles will be able to outmatch via them and after that with those missiles actually improve their profits by more damage in medal gains.

- Work tokens are the only goods which actually can become player-bound so if someone needs more workers and productivity, he needs to play in community and work for community rather than spend for them. This will make each player highly valuable for productivity and put brakes.

- More missiles will make rounds and battle more dynamic once Nukes limits come in place.

3. Add a rule that for every day of the game a new born player get 5 strength and 5 intelligence upon registration.

For example - Day 9 today, a new player starts with 45 strength and 45 intelligence direct.
Day 10 - 50 strength, 50 intelligence.
This boosts new joiners greatly as they get closer to power medals + their hits make them gain initial medals faster.
It will also give heat to old players to invite referrals - good and quick gold.
Those increased medal costs and production will also result in potential missile gear up, spinning back to Idea 1.

4. Give new players 7 days initial Production bonus.

We saw Business pack now gave 15 days Production bonus.
Same thing can be applied to new player - 7 days production bonus for his companies to equalize.
Positives would be:
- You have additional reason to enter game 7 days, so it might get you more hooked up.
- Your production makes you more food independent, so limits the chance of you remain alone.
- In combination with the lower companies cost - more reason to spend gold and incentive to maybe purchase it.
- 7 days hook up on this production - well, you have more incentive to buy the Business pack after it also.

So, this thing can result also in profits for game, which we all must agree is valid for all.

5. Give new players Power Pack for 48 hours upon registration.

Absolutely the same reasons as above:

- More energy, more battle, more hook up to game.
- You want it more , you have option to purchase it.

6. Add Honorary Medal for number of Society Builder medals, for example 30 medals.

Recognition for such service, special medal with some monetary award, for example 30 gold

Thanks all, hope you enjoyed!



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Old sub v11
(Add Honorary Medal for number of Society Builder medals, for example 30 medals.) - This is essential for balance Laugh Laugh
@JanGo - it is, because more players, more fun, everything which brings more people to game is balancing the players ratio
Honestly very nice reccomendations, though i would insist on missiles being locked on all rounds except the final round, from T-2 and lower. But other than that i like the way you aproached this
agree Xannibal
Good ideas but I chances of adding something that doesn’t cost euros is not that much Sad
vote + s103 o7
o7 to my Mongolian friend
v28 s old
V&S DONE do the same please
Meningfull comment
Old sub v48
v50 s107
V52 s108
Bravo !!!
S2 V112 S9 o7 o7
10:24 say the name of my cat, and random will get a gold reward! 😄 🐈 🐱 🍀
cheers old friend Cheeky
v63 s114
S115 v64
V65 sub116
v68 s118 Maybe 5 strength per day is a good idea, or that new player training grounds... older players would still benefit for playing for a longer time. But training grounds updates should have been blocked from day 1, it's p2w otherwise... Anyways, I think that the strength boost for new and weaker players should happen based on activity, with another training camp giving them extra strength until they are competitive. But it's odd that bombs just make normal hits obsolete
nice article
V73+S121 Good game, but not enough money to advance