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Published in Bulgaria - Warfare analysis - 09 Jul 2024 21:58 - 36

Greetings, players of eDominacy! 

Here I am with a cup of hot coffee in my hand in this early morning, but that's not what is making my soul warm. The warmth comes from the feelings of having true friends, true brothers, true sisters, true allies. 

This means that we already have won this war. No matter what the result is on the battlefield, being surrounded by such a FAMILY makes everything worth. 

The battle of Taurida is the answer to the Phoenix tyranny that is throwing shadow over the whole world. It is the beam of light that is breaking it. Maybe not today, not tommorow, not after a week, or even a month. But LIGHT ALWAYS PREVAILS.


I want to extend the gratitude of every Bulgarian citizen for making this battle and this win possible. For setting an example of what actual friendship and selflessness mean. You are all amazing and we will be together in this till the end. 



With my deepest and greatest respect to all of you,
Country president of Bulgaria,


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Comments (36)

but you guys were the bad guys Sad
8 Countries against All World Team o7
Great battle o7
They still are
o7 brate
Respect to everyone besides Serbia
Dani we love you
I am happy to be here among you. I am happy that we have such allies and we are one family. Respect. о7
buen trabajo amigos! Solo muestro respeto a su disciplina que tienen y a la coordinación qué tienen, ojalá nunca termine esta "guerra" son cosas que dan vida al game .
You are NOT fighting on the side of Light, Im young in this game but it clear that you represent dark side of the game, with every day insults, evil false propaganda and lies, your attempts to poison the minds of eWorld people will not work . Your dishonor is known in several games like this where you did the same things. The Light will shine on U and drive the dark demons out of your soul. Peace
8 countries vs The whole world they say while the game have 10 active countries haahahah calm down you won one battle hiding behind Defense System 🤭🤭 soon more countries will leave the most toxic country just wait 🍀
Insulting other countries, the start of two world wars when Ireland attacked Serbia for the first time and Bulgaria attacked Iran and Peru in the second war, you falsely advertise that the game is not balanced while your side is stronger, not following the customs of diplomacy and Posting private messages in public chat, Insulting other players and... These are part of the behavior of Bulgaria and Ireland... I hope you will correct your behavior... I remind you again that this moment was the beginning of this war and all world wars in the game Bulgaria and Ireland, and I hope that light will win over darkness again and we will defeat you... Greetings to all players o7
If you guys have to explain youselves so much....
o7 Hail all of us 😎
i love you danider
3 funny words "8 vs world"
BLA you have Ds5 too in greece and spain stop crying if you can have it then we can have it you have more ppl then we have so stop crying
Hail Bulgaria o7
Hail!! O7
Why no hail indonesia?
and Macedonia?
Phoenix tyranny is literally a joke, petition to put a reasonable limit on Energy purchases, changes in economy, so player don't rely on VISA buying goods and raising prices, more Free2play friendly mechanics are needed, speak about real problems.
o7 and good luck!
I agree with Aveun, more space for free players is needed. Hail Bulgaria o7
People spending RL money on this game. Our lives must be really screwed.
کــــــــــــــو نـــــــــــــت پــــــــارســـــــــــــــــت