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Published in Croatia - Battle orders - 10 Jul 2024 01:00 - 8

This morning we woke up to the sound of sirena and alarms beeping. Turkiye declared war on our beloved Croatia and are making false accusations that we are the ones guilty for that war. First thing first, thanks to our fast congress for passing counter DoW law proposal and giving us initiative. Second for the whole time we were asking for patience and calmness, it seems it didn’t work. So for whole time they were pressuring us like Bulgaria is doing to them, and their claims are they are ones who must control Saudi Arabia as Bulgaria gave them control over them, but when Croatia does such a thing everyone wonders and tells we can’t do such thing. So where are international laws now, where are all fair ones to help the oppressed one. We can’t belive in such arrogant false accusing Croatia for war. You are the ones who should take the blame, like that time when you by force took ours Cyprus regions.

Croatian statement:

During the war we cannot negotiate for regions, these are regions of Bulgaria and we are currntly following a grand plan for the war. After the war ends we can negotiate about it. If however you want to resort to violence instead of patience, let it be known that you will be considered part of this war by Phoenix



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They are currently following a grand plan for the war LaughLaughLaugh
The ultimate plan !! Smile Smile Smile Rofl
i don't know Manga, i think we lead the war wrong way. WE MUST PROMISE OUR ALLIES THE REGIONS TO FIGHT FOR US!
When you're attacking yesterday, you knew that, BG would let that region to TR... so, you 'steal' TR's region yesterday, not Bulgaria's.. Right? After you did this, We contact with you, and explained.. we always tried to solve by diplomacy, but you closed all ways... Right? "our grand plan" if your plan is ignore n close all diplomacy ways, and only let other countries to war, you blame us for this war? Be sure that, most of RL Croatians wont be happy for this war... also same for Turks too.. but you caused this war Manga...
All you needed to do was be patient and we would solve it. But no you keep pressure on hot spot in just started conflict
Those sirens and alarms must be the daily alarms you set to wake up in the morning. Because you slept so little last night. Because it's not a surprise. We've requested you many times. We have asked you for a positive answer, but you have been pointlessly resisting an area that has nothing to do with Croatia and Phoenix in order to make a show of force. Please be clear and don't hide behind excuses. What would have happened if you had given us a positive answer? All your arguments would have been refuted and this war would not have happened. Manga is responsible, not Croatia. We love you, our Croatian brothers.
Batu traitor?