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Published in Germany - Warfare analysis - 10 Jul 2024 04:22 - 41


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I'm waiting for the others saying that the alliances are not balanced
Bro for a second i thought we were the blue and i was about to admit they had maybe a point Hahaha. They are clowns i swear, profesional victims
You're quick to add countries like Italy and France to one side even if we don't even have an alliance yet, but you try to split Phoenix countries from the same side, even use FEAR, lol
Italy is mostly Lucious Lyon and we know he will not fight on the Serbia side. And France is pro Ireland. So the sides are balanced.
@BattleHero even if magically all fear remenants and pro phoenix merged, its still 50-46, pretty balanced if you asked me, even though everyone know this is not even remotely close to the truth. In reality around 40-50% of the Pro Phoenix damage is usable for the war, as most of those nations only participate when they want to and out of their own will, not all the time as they have their own politics.
many pro-Phoenix countries don't fight to their full potential because they don't really care, not because they can't. They hold a lot more damage potential, our side is fully commited, that's why we can reach 46%
@BattleHero hello? Thats literally what we are saying though. Pro Phoenix nations fight only if/when they want to. THEY are not our puppets nor we command them, they are just supportive as much as they want without strings attouched. And that damage showed there is not even remotely fully on this war. So how about you all have some fun, fight a bit and stop playing victims of overpower propagandas?
what i meant is, if they want and fight hard, they can turn the damage stats to 60-40 or even more, the potential is there
Yeah bro, and if half of BG goes to sleep and Romania too it can go even 80-20. What kind of arguments are those? We judge on the facts and situation, not imaginary scenarios.
What is this propaganda thing dont make it posted pleas delete this nonsens Phoenix pro country is your popoets and all in Phoenix are popupets noone cannot attack alone Bg you only use multiply front to have mybe some chance to make New propaganda you can dow your ex alliance members and make New one with this
@BlueBalls69 Go take your medication, you escaped the psych ward but thats not an excuse to stop your treatment.
The truth is PPHX PHX, have the most resources and they fight only to keep then, nothing more. In case of danger Albania, Serbia cand do double. So this article show only 1 side of a cube, the balanced one. Dont try to dull us, our politicians say the same thing as you once at 4 years, so we know.... Btw: Nice Try !
@ValyR chalenge accepted bro, lets all make an article every single week for the next months until alliances change, lets see who does victim propaganda and who uses the truth.
I don鈥檛 get what are you guys arguing over! It should be exactly 50/50? It鈥檚 just data you can鈥檛 argue with data ?
Yes , Agree! This is really a good idea! If you have right i will appologise to Yoda! Do not forget Serbia for example fought against our DS 5 so for real they did 25% more damage than show there
@Valyr true, same way remember that Bosnia - Turkey and USA have not fought seriously at all on their damage potential also, if they actively join the war stats will change.
Safer, stop lying bruh, you are insulting people with your fake statements and I am sure it's not your goal
@ Yoda statement in feed "Yeah damage is irrelevant, population is relevant. One visa can fight against whole country as we can see USA damage is close to whole Germany damage. China with Humulus higher % than North Macedonia etc. Now you wanna cherry pick stat that suits you" That is the painfull truth @Safer , sadly but truth. And yes these days VISAS are almost equal divided lol We need more players otherwise is for nothing our struggle. Btw: Lesely fought a lot ! I dont know TR and Bosnia, i belive Turkey have reserves, true, but Serbs have too
@Danider, you are insulting yourself which is way more serious than insulting others. Keep your propaganda for the Bulgarian channels. Anyone with eyes can see, make your own article with the same stats this and the next week. Show me my lies face to face!
I swear ppl trying to make statistics analysis based on 2nd grade maths is cringe
@Aenfear do statistics on 3rd Grade Bulgarian educational system and lets see the results bro
tbh, I was thinking of creating a more thorough analysis of the current situation, but even the damn API to check finished is not working.
Ireland is not an ally to Bulgaria. We only have a common interest. We are not in any alliance. Please remove us.
@ValyR ok, dont use DS next time so that we can calculate easier, I really dont understand what the problem is
@Pinky Balls, Pro Phoenix nations also have some common interests and fight for out side ocasionally, be carefull cause if we do this Bulgaria will scream, as the damage is gonna be only 19% for whole Phoenix :>
@Pinky Balls Own goaaaal Laugh, with the same argument, we can also remove the damage of Albania.
@safer Than why is Albania not in the same portion than Pheonix? We should not be in the same block as Bulgaria. This give a false representation
@PinkyBalls Then make Pro BG coalition and we will rename you, same as Pro-Phoenix in the article.
@Sina Albania is already not in the same block. I'm not telling the total doesn't add up, I'm telling that the way the data are presented is made to rapidly see Pro BG as big, but if you add everything, pro Phenix are bigger
For some reason, I have a deja-vu of the VV days where the exact same arguments were happening lmao. Funny how many people now find themselves on the opposite side of the fence however.
Basically, I'm not enemy of Romania and Bulgaria. I fought against them only I'm drunk. So put China along Romania side.
T眉rkiye BPC ? can you split us?
Interesting article. I will be writing mine whenever each HQ releases an official statement of their members. Until then, a lot of players will be discussing here hahahahha good luck
gzhn you cant be serious right?
@Yoda they have short term memory, only bonus can revive it
With this article, I've 1 question: Are the players from Indonesia aware that the damage they all deal is only a little different from China? As a country that has the second largest community of eDom players, I think they must be aware that they lack active players. Hopefully they will lower their egos a little, and realize that for now, Indonesia is just a "little kid" in this game. I am sure that one day Indonesia will become one of the superpowers in eDom.
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