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There is a contest right now to write an article about eDominacy
So.. i decided to write about why most of us are here and why we play this kind of games, having hope that the focus will shift towards improving the gameplay and experience of all players.

In my opinion, Community, Battlefield and Economics are the main 3 pillars of the game.

- Community
Some of us are here for making friends, for getting together in a country and growing it, for building a Military Unit and organise the comrades.
It's nothing more fun when we think of community than working together shoulder by shoulder to improve our Country/Military Unit, to grow its economy and even help the newbies that join the game.
We're here for the special connection we get and build over time with others players.

The most fun i've ever had in the game was fighting side by side with friends and allies to flip the battles, even the bad part of staying awake until the morning to secure a battle was FUN. Even if we had to bring twice the numbers to match the enemy tanks, even if all the odds were completely against us, if we felt we had a fighting chance, even the slightest, we were there, ready to face them in battles
So, please, don't take that away from us. Give everyone a fighting chance.

- Economics
Some of us like to think ahead everything, to carefully plan the next 3-6-12 months of the game. What we upgrade first, what we're saving for, what gives us the most economical advantage over others and how we can catch them if not even surpass those who had a headstart. 

Personal note: That's where The Business Pack update this early in the game made me go crazy yesterday.
It's about the incremental advantage that add's up for them.
10k Gold investment in q5 Companies at start, plus the -50% discount on companies at start equals to 20k Gold in q5 companies total value.
That 20k worth of companies multiplied with x2 production buff equals to 40k gold worth of production potential a F2P player who didn't benefited from initial investment + (-50% discount) + can't buy Business Pack will have to match and plan how to reach/surpass the advantage.

That being said, please take care of the game we lovebalance the things we're here for and enjoy the most. o/



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I'm here because I hate myself
uh, that's a special case @Banana , hope you will find love Sad
I m here, to enjoy writing and reading articles Cheeky
@Kaveh i hope you're enjoying mine :p
@geometarrr,DemonDjaksun o/
We are very similar.
I am here for you guys ❤️❤️❤️
@eVokasi ❤️❤️❤️
Agree with all
@Duque o/
votado y sub !!
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