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Greetings citizen of Japan. As your first future Elected Emperor of Japan I'd gladly thank you for your confidance in those future endeavours. That's what i'd have loved to tell to, at least, two dozens of you. Sadly, it's just four of us. Being the first is easy but everything has yet to be built. This article will mainly be a collection/recollection of my thoughts : about the game, about what we're experiencing and what's to come.

 X- The game & the population of Japan

eDominacy came at the right time, blooming with the beginning of spring. Sadly, some fruits are already rotting in plain sight.
I was quite excited seeing that kind of game, it's like that other game after all, having battles with 2 hour rounds instead of a 24 hours wall building simulator is quite fun, not going to lie for this one, cluctching one or more rounds in a battle is one of the best feeling I ever had playing this kind of games and being on edge at every end round to know if you managed to do it without wasting too much or at least to know if you did manage to steal that delicious medal (for one measly gold yay).

However, for this specific part of the game there are 2 main grievances. Fristly, the wanky refresh of the battle page isn't optimal it wasn't build with that kind of play in mind (remember the wall building mentioned above), thus leading to rounds finishing 2 or 3 minutes after it's effective end (without you player, on your end knowing really how it ended) it leads to you, player, not being able to hit as much as you'd like to thus needing much more people to hit at the same time as you to be as effective. You'd then understand that for a little half dead country as Japan, there's not much we can do.
Secondly, nukes. Nukes came way too early in the game, despite the future nerf of its damage output it still feels way too much if you take into account the non-paying player for more about this i'd advise to check Hero's article about nukes
Furthermore, having upgraded Training Grounds and their Advanced counter part right at the get go just further reinforce any divides between full f2p players and CB players. Putting some kind of bonus to strength and intelligence earnings inside the monthly gold pack until the player has caught up to the highest strength/intelligence player may be a solution, at least -in theory- everybody can buy the 199 golds monthly Gold Pack without spending money (once again, in theory).
Don't get me wrong on this one, I'm not shaming any CB players at all, your money isn't mine (and that's a shame really) and I have been a CB player myself on other games, but seeing how that's been handled and how much problems there are yet to be fixed, I won't spend a dime yet.

Yes, I understand, admins need money (and me too) and it takes time to adjust and develop everything you want to do for this game but still, it felt underwhelming to say the least.
I won't lie, I don't have much solutions for those problems (espacially for that wanky refresh in battle) thus I'm encouraging everyone to suggest everything you can to help better the game as much as you can.

As for Japan itself. For starter, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, I'm not a real life japanese nor do I live in Japan. And I don't think anyone here is (boo i'm making assumptions without prior knowledge) and do expect to have none. I can understand a bit less than 50% of japanese language but i'm not fluent in it (I'm begging you weeb brothers, do your kanji reps). Browser based games aren't a thriving industry and as far as I know, japanese aren't fond of them, especially one where it's mandatory to have, at least, some full-english interactions with other players.
Being only four of us puts us at a disadvantage, further reinforced by reasons mentioned before. But I have hope that all four of us will work together to create good foundations for this country.

X- What's happening

As you've seen, we're currently under attack by Slovenia in Tohoku. It's not a surprise to be attacked and to be honest, I was expecting to be attacked way earlier. Anyway, while it's obviously a lost cause for us I will still encourage you to fight as much as you can.
Because, you'll be able to earn some golds through True Patriot medals and once part of our territory is conquered you'll earn some CC (Country Currencies) from Slovenia and able to arm yourself up and fight again (mainly to earn some xp points and rank points) with Resistance Wars and the True Revolutionary medals.

I'm kindly asking to any citizen of both Japan and Slovenia (and its allies) to not use any nukes in this fight. No, I won't mix any Real Life politics and put foward japanese pacifism and anti nuclear weapons stance, I just want both countries and players to keep them for real fights.

My first guess for the reasons of this war is the need of Slovenia to have the region of Kyushu and its Saltpeter. Of course I won't be against any sort of agreements between our two nations we objectively can't keep it and negotiations are a must. But as I have said, I still want to pursue a semblance of a war, at least until they actually reach Kyushu.
I won't call it a shame to surrender after the first fight but at least I want to make it fun for every parties involved, it's only a game, it's all about fun.

 X- What's ahead

So, what's next ? Being an eternal colony ? Licking the toughest bloke's shoes to get a semblance of independance ?
Well, it's complicated, being a nation of 4 individuals in a game relying on cooperation is really hard. What I'd advice after our semblance of war against Slovenia is keeping a friendly and open Training War open if possible. Create and reinforce a cooperation between other small Asian nations, mainly China, Best Korea, Second Korea first, cooperation, sharing ressources and war capabilities as all of us are little countries in a fish of big seas (or was it the other way around ?). I firmly believe that before going to any other big players in the game we have to show our strength as one main unit.

The stance of Japan shall be neutrality first and foremost prioritizing joining any cooperations between small nations as I think it's what will keep it challenging for any of us. Of course it's a difficult path but it's the most realistic one if we consider our number.

Of course, I didn't put foward anything yet, I'm not elected even though I'm the only one and, frankly, I don't have as much free time as I initially believed I would have.
So, if you want to contact me in any way shape or form, contact me through discord, I'm on the official eDominacy discord server @Panza (panzashima) or even PM me here.

P4nza, first of his name, king of Wa, conqueror of the Emishi, duke of the straits, prince of Ezo oh ... wait wrong show again.


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