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Addressing Your Concerns: Transparency, Moderation, and Community

Hi everyone,

This isn't an entry for the article event, but I recently came across some discussions about privacy, transparency, and moderation in eDominacy. Here, I'd like to address those topics directly.

Privacy and Transparency:

We understand the desire for more transparency. However, due to privacy policies, we can't disclose specific player information like emails or purchases. This protects players and keeps the game legally sound.

Why Moderators Matter:

Moderators are essential for a fair and enjoyable game. They ensure the game is free from those who try to exploit it, creating a level playing field for everyone, especially those who dedicate significant time and effort.

The Value of Moderation:

Moderators play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy community. While they can't participate in in-game politics, they can use their influence to resolve conflicts and ensure a smooth game play experience for all.

Moderation Tiers:

Different moderator tiers exist to distribute responsibilities based on experience. Moderator I players handle more complex issues, while lower tiers address simpler matters. The admin oversees all moderation activities. These levels aren't about prestige; they ensure the right person handles the right task.

Addressing Efficiency Concerns:

We understand there may be concerns about moderator workload and efficiency within the current team. While I can't disclose specific details due to privacy reasons, rest assured that performance is a crucial factor. Moderators, including myself, are continuously evaluated to ensure they're effectively serving the community. Those who consistently fall short won't remain on the team.

Our Goal: A Thriving Community

We don't expect blind admiration, but we strive to create a community where everyone can have a fun and enjoyable experience. We dedicate ourselves to this goal, and we appreciate your understanding.

Kind regards,


Moderator I, eDominacy

special thanks to my friend Bard, as always.



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what about the Moderators being Gov members and even CPs?
you are a good man Kaveh,,,We appreciate your efforts.I hope we can spend happy moments together and Safer will find a translator xD