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Ok, the title of this article is only for click-bait Laugh
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This game is only day 9 old! So i have not seen enough yet to have a strong feeling about it. But i have some thoughts and feedback that i’m going to share with y’all…

First, What i don’t like…

The only thing i don’t like about this game, compared to its famous competitors is the “design” aspect of the game. Both in terms of Art and User Interface. The design seems amateur and low quality to me. And if developers are actually serious about the future of the game, they should really think about hiring some professional designers and make things look beautiful and professional.

The second thing that is obviously wrong in this game is the balance between Visa Players and FTP Players. Don’t get me wrong, i believe developers should make money. But i also believe one paying player should not be able to easily out-perform a whole country of real people. The game needs both FTP and PTW players in order to survive and thrive and the balance between them is critical.

Coastal Borders:
The fact that any country can attack any other country just by having coastal regions is absurd to me. It kills the strategy and the ability to properly plan defense campaigns.

I believe coastal regions should only be attacked by certain close coastal regions. Or, alternatively make it very expensive to attack coastal regions that are far away.

Other than these 3, for now i don’t have anything else that i don’t like.
I think it’s up to admins how they react to player feedback and their future actions or re-actions that will determine the direction of the game.

 Now, What i like…

Early Game Makes Opportunity:
The fact that the game is early gives hope to people who start this game to be able to grow strong equally and makes it interesting for new people.

Team Activity:
The activity of admins and moderators to engage with the community and take feedback is good. We will see how it will go forwards and if they listen and implement those.

The game is also overall is a good game.

Thanks for taking the time and reading the article.

Are you agree with what i stated above?



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