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Ibrulz - Newspaper from Bulgaria -

Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 06 Apr 2024 10:22 - 7

 Opening Statement: 

Welcome to the Newspaper Engagement Challenge! 
This dynamic competition invites participants to actively engage with your newspaper in three exciting categories. 
Whether you're eager to boost subscriptions, showcase your writing prowess, or champion important causes, there's a competitive option tailored for you.

Category 1: The Subscriber Spectacle

Dive into the thrill of gathering the largest flock of subscribers during our electrifying event! Unleash your creativity and prowess to amass the most subscribers to your platform or service.
Every subscriber counts as you race against the clock in this adrenaline-fueled quest for dominance.

The champion is the one who gathers the most subscribers during the event.

Category 2: The Votemaster's Valor

Prepare to embark on an epic journey into the realm of content creation, where your words wield the power to captivate and inspire. Craft your masterpiece and unleash it upon the world, rallying supporters to vote for your brilliance.
Harness the magic of storytelling, the allure of controversy, or the charm of wit to sway the hearts and minds of your audience. Every vote is a testament to your prowess, propelling you closer to the coveted title of Votemaster.

The winner is the article that receives the most votes.

Category 3: The Sponsorship Saga

Embark on a thrilling odyssey into the world of sponsored content, where your ideas are transformed into dazzling spectacles of creativity and influence. 
Craft your vision with precision and passion, weaving narratives that resonate with sponsors and audiences alike. Each sponsorship secured is a triumph of negotiation and persuasion, propelling your article to new heights of acclaim and support.

The article that garners the highest level of support emerges victorious.

"Support for articles can be provided in increments of $5, $15, or $25. While you can support an article multiple times, only the highest support amount provided during the event will be counted towards determining the winner."

To clarify, if you support an article five times with $15 each, once with $5, and ten times with $25 each, only the $25 contribution will be counted. The article with the highest cumulative support (monetary value) will be declared the competition winner."

The victorious individual in any of the three categories will be rewarded with 50 gold coins and an exclusive Special Newspaper Medal.



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