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Más claro imposible
my buen articulo
Desde mi óptica, habrán 2 o mas alianzas. No se puede meter a Mexico y Perú por el mismo saco. Yo vi como empezaron a pelearse desde el día 2
Siempre muy cautivado por tus artículos. v!
They want to be on BG side because they are afraid of being against BG numbes. They used to do it with GAMA and they are doing it, here once again. Same faces, same countries, same players. No balls.
Clarísimo. o7
Aren't damage stats inconclusive until real wars happens? There is a lot of "hidden" damage potential in every country that stockpiles nukes, if you count total active citizens it's far from being OP
Me encantan tus artículos todo muy acertado.
Estamos jodidos
wow :o Swiss will stand against all parabellum members
Mientras sean lo suficientemente inteligentes de dejar algo de oxigeno para los demas, supongo que se balanceara con el tiempo
WTF, why pushing me? Laugh I said what I thinking. I said on feed some days ago but again I say: I am not Part of BG. I have countdown for CS change. Just don't be afraid, be brave.
It just shows the hypocrisis of the player base. They wouldn't have cried about it if they were a part of it. They wouldn't cry about it if their country or whatever they are trying to build isn't being wiped out.
@p4nza you are psychic? tell me the lotto numbers for tomorrow plz Laugh
The path to enlightenment is a treacherous and difficult path my dear. Be aware of shortcuts it always lead to your doom
Between Jango will side for the weekest side, i'm pretty sure so you can remove 12b of BG.
It is good to see different subjective POVs. A few downsides of the global firepower indicator are 1) JanGo who has high % of total BG dmg 2) the fact that even without serious campaign BG still launched 7-8 attacks per day the first week and everyone went all in for medals and gold. 3) global firepower is determined by nukes, so population at this poimt doesnt really matter, if you buy more nukes for the pair price of ~1 eur per piece/50kk dmg. So let's wait and see if they will fix the war module first and then jump into analysis. 🙂
That said, if you manage to bring in Galaico to play here Spain may also have 25% firepower globally in a week time 😀
Kristina, you`re disappointing me...
5 countries 50percent of world damage coordinated win every war they want. 65 countries in no alliance are just territories they can conquer when they want
No leí ni madres pero ahí está el sub
Comparto tu criterio. A ver si desde la administración de dsn cuenta y esas mismas potencias se dividen en dos bandos
good analysis overall o/
Same things every game puppets,puppets everywhere 😂