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I would like to thank the voters of Ireland for entrusting me with the Presidency of our wonderful country.

Most of our players know me and my gaming style but for those that don't here is a small recap.

I am playing these games for many years and have held positions in Government in most including the top job.  I always try to play with honour and as little drama as can be achieved.  If you make a deal with me it will be honoured and I expect it to be honoured.  Honour is the real currency here!

I know many here from abroad and most (almost all) I hold with respect even if we played on opposite sides for a while.

My first day in office was really busy but delighted and proud to sign Ireland as an inaugural member of the the first Alliance in this game, Parabellum Alliance, I have no doubt is is only the first Alliance of many.

Ireland is a very multi cultural place in Real Life and I am really happy that in this game we are the same with players from all over the planet as members.  This inclusivity makes us a very welcoming place so if you are looking for a friendly home please consider us!

I would like to thank the my predecessor and his team for steering our ship in what are always very choppy waters in the first days of any game.  You brought us to a position of strength with your wise decisions and I hope to continue this.
My Discord nick is  winstonhopesmith please feel free to send me a friend request and my PMs there, as here, are always open.

Lastly always remember people this is a game, try play with this in mind. We can disagree about game issues all you like but lets not bring  Real Life issues here god knows there are enough other places to do that.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

Winston Hope Smith

As a final gift I leave you with this gift and I hope Katt & Singularity Enigma can forgive me Laugh



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