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We are thrilled to announce a series of exciting updates and an event that are coming to our game, designed to enhance your gaming experience and reward your loyalty. From the limiting of energy purchases and brand-new global event to new payment options and a special gift, there's something for every player to look forward to. Here's what's coming up:

Limitation on the Purchase of Energy Packs

Based on your precious feedback, we have decided to impose a limit of purchasing of only one energy pack per day. We are going to continue to consider every piece of feedback and all proposals you make. We are already working on more changes that will improve the gameplay for everyone.

Weekly Challenge Buff

From today completing the weekly challenge requires 75k hits, instead of 150k. The rewards will remain the same. This way it will be easier for all players to complete more steps and get more rewards every week.

League Wars: Battle for the Crown

Get ready to show your patriotism and combat skills in the upcoming global event, League Wars: Battle for the Crown! This thrilling competition will see countries from around the globe competing in intense battles, with the ultimate goal of winning the prestigious crown.

How It Works:

  • Direct Elimination Format: Each country will face off in direct elimination battles.
  • Duration: The tournament will start and conclude on Day 15 with a final showdown for the crown.
  • Battle Schedule: Battles start at 11:00 game time on game day 15, consisting of 5-minute rounds, until one of the side wins 8 rounds. The next bracket starts right after the last one.
  • Progression: Winners advance in the bracket. Participation in the battles for your country counts towards True Patriot progress. In the League Wars battles, Round Hero medal will be worth 2.5 Gold.
  • Rewards: Victorious countries and top players will receive gold mines and other valuable rewards at the end of the tournament.

Rewards for Winners:

Countries that showcase superior strategy and strength will earn a gold mine for their citizens, with the duration based on their final position based on inflicted damage in the tournament:

  • 1st place - 7 days of Gold Mine
  • 2nd place - 6 days of Gold Mine
  • 3rd place - 5 days of Gold Mine
  • 4th to 10th place - 3 days of Gold Mine

What is a Gold Mine? Each day, every citizen of the country will be able to receive a random gold reward from the Mine.

Top players will also receive exclusive rewards, including trophies, employees, energy bars, recognizing their exceptional contributions and achievements in the tournament.

We're expanding our payment options to make transactions smoother and more accessible. Stripe is now available as a payment method, offering a secure and convenient way to make purchases in-game. Whatever you are buying, Stripe has got you covered - convenient, easy and quick payments. You can pay with your bank card, without needing to sign-up for anything.

Along using Stripe with a Bank Card, it offers a multitude of other payment options - A direct SEPA Bank Transfer, iDEAL payments, Klarna, giropay and many more.

A Special Gift for Active Players

To show our appreciation for your continued support and to help you gear up for the upcoming challenges, we gave 2000 Q5 food to all active players. This supply pack will help you maintain your energy levels and stay competitive in the battles ahead.

Get ready to battle, strategize, and win big in the days ahead!

Stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming!

Best regards,
eDominacy Team



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Sounds good
Very good changes o7
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First Laugh nice one
ο7 Maybe you fix your system and the delay to show damage before the tournament ? Maybe it would help us react faster at the end of the battles and especially in a tournament right ?
Good changes and an interesting event. Congratulations on a job well done!
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You still have work to do, the articles are incomplete, put the dates when an event starts and ends, so that the information circulates more usefully. B.r.
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very good all but very bad the weekly challenge the rewards are too smal 150 is best
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