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We've seen the struggles players have to face in small population countries, those are either deleted or close to, and we decided to give all the players in this situation an opportunity to join Romania.

First of all, it's worth mentioning that we are not an agressive country and we do not attack without reason, we also keep the contries we "conquered", alive.
In the case of Poland,Ukraine and Republic of Moldova, we had to go for their bonuses, but we also let at least one region unoccupied and do our best to keep it that way and even protect them from being completely deleted by others.

Some of the advantages you can get by joining us:
- Work your companies with 100% Food Bonus and 80% on everything else for 1cc instead of 3cc per company
- Abundance of monetary market and product market offers for 2 click players
- Competitive job market for both companies owners and workers alike
- United and thriving community
Hospital Q5 in our Capital
- Future loan programs for key moments of the game (next discounts on TG/Companies)
- Occasional free food programs in key moments (like 2x energy) for struggling citizens
- Abundance of True Patriot and True Ally battles for your medals progress
- The opportunity to place higher in events like League Wars

The applications can be done through private messages by saying why you want to join our country. o/


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Sounds good. Good luck!
good article but join Germany Cheeky
Go Rumania Подробности: × ПРЯКО, УЕФА Шампионска лига: Арсенал - Байерн Мюнхен По: Започва: 9-Apr Tuesday 22:00 Приключва:Wednesday 0:00 Времетраене: 120 Категория: Спорт Предстоящи[1] Минали[0] 09-Apr 22:00 По MAX Sport 4 ПРЯКО, УЕФА Шампионска лига: Арсенал - Байерн Мюнхен
suena bien, ojala otros tomen nota
Humulus small pp
If you ain't joining Ireland, Romania is another fantastic choice o7
Best of luck to all romanian friends and people that decide to join them. The community is great.
dani o7
Nice. Indo welcome too
Nice o7
Oldsub + v 44 o7 Nuevo país, nueva oportunidad New country, new opportunity